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eWIRMS Online Water Use Reporting FAQs

eWRIMS Electronic Water Rights Information Management System

Online Water Use Reporting – Frequently Asked Questions

Water is protected for the use and benefit of all Californian’s. Water rights law is administered by the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Rights. This webpage answers some frequently asked questions about reporting water use and using the eWRIMS Online Reporting System

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(Updated 10/30/15 )


If you need to reset your password or if you have general questions about completing your online report, please contact the Division of Water Rights at 916-341-5431.

If you would like a sample copy of the online reports, please download them here:

Contact the eWRIMS Help Center if you have questions

Email: ewrims@waterboards.ca.gov or phone (916) 341-5300
Monday through Friday – 8 am to 5 pm (excluding State Holidays and Furlough Fridays)

The State Water Board has attempted to verify that data in the database is correct. However, some data errors still exist. If you find a data error, please send us an email with the record identification number, and a description of the error. If you know the correct data, please provide that information also. Thank you!


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Why do I need to fill out a report form?

  1. Permittees and Licensees:  You are required by the terms and conditions of your permit or license to complete and return a Progress Report by Permittee or Report of Licensee when requested by the State Water Board.  Failure to do so can result in the revocation of your permit or license. 
  2. Other water diverters:  With some exceptions, you are required by Water Code section  5101 to complete and return a Statement of Water Diversion and Use if you are claiming a water right other than a permit or license issued by the State Water Board.  Failure to file a completed statement may result in administrative penalties of $1,000 or more as allowed by Water Code Section 5107.  Additionally, if you do not file the form or subsequent supplemental reports, the Division may investigate your water diversion and you may be required to pay for the cost of the investigation as allowed under Water Code section 5105.

    Water diverters who do not have to file Statements include:
    1. Those who divert from a spring that does not flow off the property on which it is located, if the total diversion is not more than 25 acre-feet per year.
    2. Those who divert under a small domestic or livestock stockpond registration or certificate.
    3. Those who divert under a permit or license to appropriate water issued by the State Water Board.
    4. Those who divert from a source regulated by a court or state appointed Watermaster where the watermaster maintains records of the diversion.
  1. Groundwater Extractors:  If you live in Ventura, Riverside, Los Angeles, or San Bernardino counties, and you extract 25 acre-feet or more of groundwater annually, you are required to file an annual notice of your groundwater use with either the State Water Board or a local groundwater agency. Please contact the State Water Board at (916) 322-8465 for assistance in determining whether you should file with the State Water Board or with your local agency. There is a fee associated with filing your annual notice.
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How do I file a “Statement of Water Diversion and Use” with the State?

Obtain a Statement of Water Diversion and Use form. Complete the form, sign it and mail it back to the Division of Water Rights. The Division will set up a file for your statement and issue you a statement number. Every three years you will be asked to file a report on your water use.

What does the State do with the report information?

The information you provide on the report is used to:

  1. Update our ownership records;
  2. Determine if you are in compliance with water right laws and regulations; and
  3. Determine your water right project status, including the amount of water beneficially used.

Where can I review past reports?

Water right files are available for viewing from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm in the Division’s Records Unit on the 2nd floor of the Cal-EPA Building, located at 10th and I Streets in Sacramento.  Please call ahead at (916) 341-5421 to give us time to assemble your requested records.

The State Water Board’s software development team is working to make reports filed on-line partially available on the web.  Because 2009 will be the first year of online reporting under the new eWRIMS system, meaningful queries based on submitted reports is expected to be several years away.

What is a Point of Diversion and what are the various Point of Diversion types?

The Point of Diversion (POD) is the location where water is initially taken under control by the water right holder from a source (the source may be an artificial water course).  Water code section 1260(e) requires that every application, permit or license have at least one point of diversion.  California Code of Regulation section 715(c) requires that points of diversion must be shown on the project map.  The various Points of Diversion types are:

  1. Direct Diversion
  2. Diversion to Offstream Storage
  3. Storage
  4. Direct Diversion and Storage
  5. Moveable Point of Diversion
  6. Various Points of Diversion
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What is a Point of Rediversion?

A Point of Rediversion (PORD) is a point, other than the point of initial diversion, where controlled water is diverted from a natural stream or an artificial water course that serves as a source of water. California Code of Regulations Title 23, section 715(c) requires that Points of Rediversion from any natural stream must be shown on the project map.

On the Summary on my Report, it says POD PARCEL NO.  What is a POD PARCEL NO.?

The County Assessors Parcel Number (APN) is the parcel where the Point of Diversion(s) (POD) of the permit or license is located.  eWRIMS does not currently have APN's for Places of Use (POU) (unless the POU and POD happen to be on the same parcel).  The POD Parcel Number is used primarily when we lose contact with the primary owner of the water right and we need to identify the new owner based on records of the County Recorder.

County Assessors may change their numbering system from time to time, parcels may become subdivided (which typically changes the number), or we may not have the POD Parcel No. in our system yet.  The Division of Water Rights encourages you to check for and report any corrections to the POD Parcel No.

What is the “Amount of Water Taken from the Source—Amounts Diverted and/or Stored?”

This question is a modified version of the old Question 4 on the Report of Permittee and Licensee.  This amount is the combined amount of water taken from the water source either by direct diversion,  or into storage or both.  It applies to all direct-diversion, storage, and/or direct-diversion plus storage projects.

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What is the “Amount of Water Beneficially Used by Direct Diversion and/or Withdrawal from Storage?”

This is a new question on the Reports of Permittee and Licensee.  This amount is the combined amount of water beneficially used either by direct diversion or storage.  For direct diversion-only projects, the reporting amounts for the “Amount of Water Taken from the Source” and the “Amount of Water Beneficially Used” will be the same amount.

My reservoir fills under two rights.  How should I apportion this year’s storage between the two permits (or licenses)?

You can not double-count the water. When a reservoir fills under two or more rights (for the same source), storage is assigned to the senior-most right first, unless a term or condition, such as storage season, would preclude storing under the senior right.  When a single reservoir fills under two or more rights from different sources, total storage is usually divided between the two rights pro-rata, i.e., in proportion to the storage inflows from those two sources.

I have two water rights.  How do I apportion my water use?

If your water project is covered by two or more water rights, you should only report your use of water for the project covered by the applicable water right.  The total amount diverted and used under multiple water rights should not be combined and reported. You can not double count the water.  You should account for water under the senior-most right first.  Once the senior right is fully used, then apportion the remaining water under the junior right (See California Code Regulations, title 23, section 731.)

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I fill my offstream reservoir under a permit/license for stream “x” and another permit/license for stream “y”.  How should I report withdrawal (use) under the different rights?

If the two rights have the same place of use, total combined withdrawal under the two rights should be proportional to the amount stored under the two rights.  If the places of use are different, water withdrawn for use on lands covered by the respective permits should be reported.

Why is the State asking about Conservation, Recycled and Conjunctive Use credits?

An appropriative water right can be reduced or revoked after five continuous years of nonuse.  Under certain conditions, a reduction or loss of the appropriative water right may not occur due to:  (1) water conservation efforts; (2) use of recycled, desalinated, or polluted water; and/or (3) conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water.  Any credit claim based on conservation of water (Water Code section 1011), water quality and wastewater reclamation (section 1010), or conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater (section 1011.5) must be reported.  Failure to report the amounts will deprive you of the benefits allowed under the applicable Water Code sections.

I enacted several water-saving measures to reduce water usage.  Will my permit be reduced as a result when I get licensed?

If beneficial use under your permit is documented prior to implementation of water conservation efforts, AND water conservation credit is claimed in Progress Report by Permittee Questions 10 and 11, then pursuant to Water Code Section 1011, your permit will not be reduced during licensing as a result of your water conservation efforts.  You cannot be licensed for an amount greater than is shown in your water right permit.

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Why must I notify the Division with information regarding a change in the name and/or address of owner of a water right?

Regulations require the owner of a water right to directly notify the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) with information regarding either a change in the name and/or address of the current water right holder or a change in ownership of the water right (Cal. Code Regs., title 23, §§830-831). All water right correspondence, including the bill for fees, is mailed to the designated primary owner or agent at the most recent address provided to the State Water Board.  The primary owner is liable for all water right fees.

What is the definition of a 'Primary Owner'?

The primary owner is one of the water right’s co-owners designated by all of the co-owners to act on behalf of the water right holders.  The primary owner is the de facto “Agent” for the water right.  A primary owner (or Agent) may be changed by submitting to the Division written notification of the change. The notification can be in the form of a letter or an Agent Assignment Form.   All co-owners of the water right must sign the Agent Assignment Form.

What is the definition of an ‘Agent’?

An agent is the person designated by the water right holder(s) to act on behalf of the water right holders.  A primary owner (or agent) may be changed by submitting to the Division written notification of the change.  The notification can be in the form of a letter or an Agent Assignment Form.   All co-owners of the water right must sign the Agent Assignment Form.

I did not keep track of stream usage at my summer cabin.  How should I fill in the monthly quantities in Question 5.c. (Report of Licensee) or 8.c. (Progress Report by Permittee)?

Simply estimate, to the best of your ability, the amount of water used while the cabin was occupied.  Depending on plumbing facilities, a reasonable estimate would be 150 gallons per person per day.

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Using the online reporting system

Questions | Answers


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What is a Water Right ID?

A Water Right ID Number is the Application number, Stockpond Registration Number, Small Domestic Use Registration number, Statement of Water Diversion and Use Number, or Groundwater Recordation number associated with your Water Right or groundwater well (e.g., A012345; C012345, D012345, S012345; G123456).

How do I change or correct the address/phone number/email address shown on the report form?

You may inform the State Water Board of any updates to the name or address of the current water right holder by completing the Change of Name / Address or Ownership form.  You may also use this form to report a change in ownership of the water right.

Who should I call if I have a technical question about the eWRIMS Report Management System?

Call the CIWQS/eWRIMS Help Desk at 1-866-792-4977

eWRIMS GIS shows my POD in the wrong location.  How do I get it corrected?

Send a letter to the address below that includes:

  1. Yours contact information for any follow-up questions;
  2. The application ID associated with your POD;
  3. The POD number (only if water right has two or more PODs listed)
  4. The POD coordinates shown in eWRIMS GIS; and
  5. Coordinates of the location of your actual point of diversion (the ‘Measure’ tool in eWRIMS GIS can help you identify this), Datum/projection (NAD27, NAD83, or WGS84), and zone.

Once we confirm the error, Division staff will correct the POD coordinates in eWRIMS GIS.

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Can I change the password provided to me?

Yes.  To change your password after logging on with the password provided by the State Water Board, click the “Change Email or Password” link in the right corner of the Report Summary screen. Enter and confirm your new password and click “save.” Please note: This is a new system, and both 1) previously-issued login passwords and 2) user-changed login passwords have been, and are subject to, being reset by technical staff of the State Water Board. If this occurs the State Water Board will notify the owner or agent-of-record of the new password. If you change your password and forget what it is, you may request that it be reset by calling the help desk at (866) 792-4977 during business hours, or by sending an email to ewrims@waterboards.ca.gov with your water right information and request

I got an error message when used my browser’s “Back” arrow. What should I do?

Click on your browser’s “forward” arrow and then use the “back” and “continue” buttons at the bottom of each screen to navigate through the Online Reporting System.

Why doesn’t the “enter” key work to advance to the next field?

We are aware of this issue and are working on a solution. In the interim, please use the “tab” key to advance to the next field.

Why did I get “Error: 404 – The Page you requested could not be found” when I used the link to view my permit or license?

This error occurs if your permit or license has not been scanned into the system. For assistance with records not available online, please contact the Division's Records Unit at (916) 341-5421.

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Why is the “Water Rights with Storage” table grayed out?

This table will be disabled (grayed out) if your license does not authorize diversion for storage. Only water rights with storage are required to complete this table.  You can check your permitted or licensed storage amounts on the summary screen under “Max Collection to Storage Amount”. If the amount is 0.00 acre feet, your Water Rights with Storage Table will be disabled.

Why is there an option to do a Progress Report by Permittee on the page when I already have a License?

This feature is available for newly licensed water right holders as well as those who would like to file a past due report on-line, although this is optional.

How do I print a copy of my report?

Once a report is saved (before or after submitting it), you will see a list of reports and their status.  Reports can be printed by clicking the link, [printable version]. The system will display the report and you can print it using your browsers print function.

Can you review any electronically submitted water right report on-line?

Yes.  Water right holders and agents will be able to view and print previously saved or submitted reports by logging back into the system.

What should I do if I realize I made a mistake on my report after I electronically submitted it?

You cannot amend an electronic report once it is submitted. You can print and submit a revised paper version through the mail. But, be aware that the State Water Board does consider the first report submitted for any given year (in either the electronic or paper format) to be the report of record.

How do I contact the Division of Water Rights?

  • Call: (916) 341-5300
  • Fax: (916) 341-5400
  • Mailing:
    State Water Resources Control Board
    Division of Water Rights
    PO Box 2000
    Sacramento, CA 95812-2000

  • If you have a suggestion for a FAQ, please send it to our eWRIMS Help Center