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March 9-10, 2000 Meeting Minutes

Victorville Office
15428 Civic Drive, Ste. 100
Victorville, CA 92392
(760) 241-6583

South Lake Tahoe Office
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March 9-10, 2000


Regional Board members, staff and interested parties participated in a tour of the Adelanto Waste Water Treatment Facility on March 10 from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Regular Meeting
Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board
City Council Chambers
14343 Civic Drive

Mr. Sandel, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 12, 2000.



Beatrice Cooley, Ph.D., Bishop


Richard A. Dodge, Ph.D., Ridgecrest

Eugene B. Nebeker, Ph.D.

William A. Newsom, Judge ret., Squaw Valley

Eric Sandel, P.E., Truckee


Steven H. Blum, State Water Resources Control Board


Harold J. Singer, Executive Officer

Tim Post, Assoc. Eng. Geologist

Robert S. Dodds, Asst Executive Officer

Joe Koutsky, Assoc. WRCE

Hisam Baqai, Supervising WRCE

Joe Kenny, Env. Spec. III

Cindi Mitton, Senior WRCE

Pamela Walker, Exec. Asst.

Jehiel Cass, Senior WRCE Lawrence Ware, WRCE
Mike Plaziak, Assoc. Eng Geologist Greg Cash, Assoc. Eng. Geologist
Michele Ochs, Assoc. Eng. Geologist Stephen Niou, Assoc. WRCE

Kai Dunn, WRCE


Bob Feenstra, General Manager, Milk Producers Council

Norman Caouette, Mojave Water Agency
J. Peter Lounsbury, Mojave Desert/Mountain Resource Conservation and Development

Ginger Hancock, Exec. Director, Newberry Springs, Harvard Property Owners Assoc.

Paul W. Davis, Jr., Community of El Mirage

J. Bart Parker, Rand Communities Water District

Chris Kelly, General Manager, Rand Communities Water District

Edward Imsand, Meadowbrook Dairy
Slick Gardner, Gardner-Arciero Ranch
    Chris Kelly, General Manager, Rand Communities Water District, addressed the Board concerning the need to protect potable water from digested sewage sludge applied at the Gardner-Arciero Ranch.

    Both Hisam Baqai, Supervising WRCE and Jehiel Cass, Chief, Antelope Valley Unit, presented the results of their inspection of the Gardner-Arciero Ranch to the Board.

    Slick Gardner, Gardner-Arciero Ranch, addressed the Board regarding the class of sludge applied at the application site.

    Dr. Nebeker recommended that Mr. Kelly speak with Mr. Baqai in order to have a better understanding of the issue of sludge application and its effect on groundwater.

    J. Bart Parker, Rand Communities Water District, indicated that the Water District relies on the Board to protect resources and encouraged the Board to enforce the requirements of the permit.

    Note: Judge Newsom arrived prior to hearing Item 2.

    Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 12-13, 2000 in Truckee

  3. Motion: Moved by Dr. Nebeker, seconded by Dr. Dodge and unanimously carried. to adopt the January 12-13, 2000 minutes as proposed.


  5. Motion: Moved by Dr. Nebeker, seconded by Dr. Dodge and unanimously carried. to adopt the Consent Calendar as proposed.


  1. Public Hearing - Recission of a Cease and Desist Order Requiring Vanderbilt Gold Corporation and the National Park Service to Cease and Desist From Discharging Waste in Violation of Waste Discharge Requirements at the Morning Star Mine, San Bernardino County
    No one asked to address the Board and there was no presentation by staff.

  2. Motion: Moved by Dr. Dodge, seconded by Dr. Nebeker and unanimously carried. to adopt the staff recommendation as proposed.

  3. Public Hearing - Consideration of a Cease and Desist Order - Avocet Tungsten Inc., Pine Creek Operations for Violations of Waste Discharge Requirements, Inyo County
    Michele Ochs, Assoc. Eng. Geologist, gave the staff presentation and recommended adoption of the Cease and Desist Order as amended.

    Motion: Moved by Dr. Nebeker, seconded by Dr. Dodge and unanimously carried. to adopt the staff recommendation as proposed.


  4. Consideration of an Appeal of the Executive Officer's Decision on Dairy Regulation in the Mojave River Watershed, San Bernardino County

    Jehiel Cass, Chief, Antelope Valley Unit, gave a portion of the staff presentation which included a review of the current approach taken by Board staff to regulate dairies in San Bernardino County. Mike Plaziak, Acting Chief, Mojave Desert Unit, discussed water quality issues specific to the Mojave Watershed.

    Edward Imsand, Meadowbrook Dairy, declared his desire to work with Board staff to protect water quality.

    Paul Davis, community of El Mirage, asked the Board to adopt General WDRs for animal feeding operations within the Lahontan Region.

    Ginger Hancock, Newberry Springs-Harvard Property Owners Association, asked the Board to continue monitoring wells in the area.

    J. Peter Lounsbury, Mojave Desert/Mountain Resource Conservation and Development Board, discussed means by which waste management issues related to dairies might be addressed. This Board will keep the Lahontan Region apprised of future developments.

    Norman Caouette, Mojave Water Agency, drew the Board's attention to a groundwater contour map of the El Mirage Basin. He pointed out a large pumping depression south of the El Mirage Dry Lake where the major pumpers are dairies and agricultural operations. He suspects that mounding in the shallow aquifer is the result of applied water to agricultural crops which are also probably receiving waste product or waste water from the dairies. There are a number of domestic wells in the shallow well aquifer system and the possibility of elevated nitrates are a concern. He expressed his hope that the governmental agencies involved could work together to solve problems.

    Robert Feenstra, Milk Producers Council, stated his intent to support the staff recommendation and to work closely with the dairymen of the high desert.

    Staff will provide a quarterly report to the Board on dairy issues.

  1. Resolutions of Appreciation for Former Regional Board Members Jack Clarke and Marv Shaw
    The resolution for Mr. Clarke was withdrawn since he was reappointed to the Board.

      Motion: Moved by Dr. Nebeker, seconded by Dr. Cooley and unanimously carried. to adopt the resolution.

  1. Executive Officer's Report
    Mr. Singer discussed severall items from the narrative of the report.

    • An agreement with South Tahoe PUD that would allow discharge of treated water from Tahoe Tom's

    • Continuance of permits issued to six Alpine County wastewater irrigation sites

    • New regulations for the Section 401 Water Quality Certification Program

    • Time constraints and funding issues surrounding the development and adoption of TMDLs

    • The analysis and process that may result in a proposed Basin Plan amendment to allow pier construction in spawning areas

    • Violation Report

  2. Reports by Chairman and Board Members
    There were no reports by the Chairman or Board members.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 10:25 p.m.

Note: Board members met in closed session on March 9, 2000 from 10:25 to 10:40 p.m. to discuss Item 19. Authority: Government Code Section 11126(e) (2) (B) (C) (i)


Prepared by: ___________________________________ Adopted:4/13/2000

Pam Walker, Executive Assistant