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Welcome! to the State Water Boards’ Fees home page!  You can find more information about fees for the Water Quality, Drinking Water and Water Rights programs, and the cost recovery component of the Site Cleanup Program by clicking on the program to the right.   »» 



General Information

Contact Information

Water Quality Fees
Email: FeeBranch@waterboards.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 341-5247
FAX: (916) 341-5248

Water Rights Fees
Email: WaterRightsFees@waterboards.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 341-5659
FAX: (916) 341-5248

Drinking Water Fees
Email: DAS-DrinkingWaterFees@waterboards.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 341-5082
FAX: (916) 341-5248


Site Cleanup Program Costs (Admin)
Email:  SiteCleanup@waterboards.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 341-5643
FAX: (916) 341-5248