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MRP Model Bioretention Soil Media Specifications

Provision C.3.c.iii.(3) of the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (MRP) requires the Permittees, collaboratively or individually, to submit a report containing the following information:
  • Proposed soil media specifications for biotreatment systems
  • Proposed soil testing methods to verify a long-term infiltration rate of 5-10 inches/hour
  • Relevant literature and field data showing the feasibility of the minimum design specifications
  • Relevant literature, field, and analytical data showing adequate pollutant removal and compliance with the Provision C.3.d hydraulic sizing criteria
  • Guidance for the Permittees to apply the minimum specifications in a consistent and appropriate manner

The Report can be obtained at the following link:

Comments on the Municipal Regional Permit (MRP) Bioretention Soil Specs received by January 28, 2011