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The Water Board’s Open Data Resolution

On July 10, 2018, the State Water Board adopted Resolution 2018-0032 to increase focus on data management and data accessibility at the Water Board.

Data Management

Quick Facts

  • State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) directs and collects vast amounts of data and information on the state’s water quality, quantity, and uses, as well as the agency business operations.
  • The Data Management Team and the Office of Information Management and Analysis work to enhance the value, quality, understanding, and accessibility of Water Boards data through strategic activities and coordination.
  • Data life cycle management: For data to be used it needs to be identified, collected, processed, qualified, stored, analyzed and communicated.

 Strategic Data Action Plan (SDAP)





Users can also search the site map, which catalogues the datasets referenced in all of the categories above on a single page.

In addition, a subset of the datasets maintained by the Water Boards can be found on the State of California's Open Data Portal under the 'Water' category. That platform provides web services that enhance data accessibility, and we plan to continue adding datasets to that platform in the future. Note that the datasets found on that site mirror some of the datasets provided through this Water Boards portal.

For questions regarding a specific database or dataset, please use the contact information provided for that program or database. For general questions regarding this data portal, or if you cannot locate the contact information for a specific database, please contact the Water Boards' Office of Information Management and Analysis (OIMA) at OIMA-Helpdesk@waterboards.ca.gov.