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Water Recycling Funding Program (WRFP)

DIRECTORY of California State Water Recycling Statutes and Regulations

California Water Code

Division 7, Chapter 7 – Water Recycling Law
Article 1 Short Title
Article 2 Declaration of recycled water policy.
Article 3 State assistance for water recycling projects.
Article 4 Regulation of reclamation. DHS to establish uniform statewide recycling criteria, abatement order authority, wastewater recycling reports, reclamation requirements, master reclamation permit standards, classification of unauthorized discharges and corresponding notification requirements, administrative liability assessment for violations.
Article 5 Surveys and investigations relating to the reclamation of wastewater.
Article 6 Waste well regulation.
Article 7 Wastewater reuse requirements to include: cooling, landscaping, toilet flushing, fees for regulation, dual delivery systems, and recycled water delivery.

Division 7, Chapter 7.5 – Water Recycling Act of 1991

Division 2, Part 2, Chapter 1, Article 1.5, Sections 1210-1212 – Treated Wastewater
Section 1210 Water rights of wastewater treatment plant owners.
Section 1211 Requirements for State Board approval when changing the point of discharge.
Section 1212 Instream beneficial uses.

Division 2, Part 2, Chapter 10, Article 1.5, Sections 1700-1703
Change of Point of Diversion, Place of Use, or Purpose of Use
Section 1701 Requirement for State Board approval when petitioning to change discharge location.
Section 1701.1-1703 Petitions for change of discharge location, required application information, and conditions of State Board approval.


California Health and Safety Code

Chapter 5, Article 2, Sections 116800-116820 – Cross-Connection Control by Water Users
Section 116800 Local health officers authorization to maintain programs for cross-connection control.
Section 116805 Authorization for local health officers to collect fees for the implementation of cross-connection control programs.
Section 116810 Backflow certification programs.
Section 116815 "Purple Pipe" requirement for recycled water distribution lines.
Section 116820 Violations