• New Advisory Group Selected to Help Focus Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Funding Efforts (12/11/19)
  • State Water Board Adopts 2019 Ocean Plan Review that Ranks Important Water Quality Issues (12/03/19)
  • State Water Board Approves Last of 13 Grants Totaling $367 Million for Groundwater Protection (11/19/19)
  • State Water Board Streamlines Permitting Process for Diversions of Floodwater and Other High Flows to Support Groundwater Sustainability (11/14/19)
  • State Water Board Approves Central Valley Water Board Plan to Reduce Nitrate Contamination in Groundwater and Provide Replacement Drinking Water (10/16/19)
  • Statewide Well Test Results for Contaminants PFOA and PFOS Now Available Through Web-based Maps (10/14/19)
  • Study Indicates Oilfield Activities Have Increased Groundwater Salinity in Western Kern County (09/23/19)
  • Notice of Availability of Draft Biological Goals for Public Review and Comment on the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Jaoquin Delta Estuary Water Quality Control Plan (09/20/19)
  • Rocklin Developer Agrees to $153,000 Settlement in Environmental Threats to Nearby Ravine (09/19/19)
  • State Water Board Selects Alan Lilly as First Administrative Hearings Officer for Specified Water Rights Proceedings (09/18/19)
  • State Water Board Adopts Order Protecting Endangered Steelhead and Senior Water Right Holders Impacted by the Cachuma Reservoir Project (09/17/19)
  • State Water Board Appointee Laurel Firestone Confirmed by State Senate (09/05/19)
  • State Water Board Appointee Sean Maguire Confirmed by State Senate (09/05/19)
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