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Water Recycling Funding Program (WRFP)



The Costa-Machado Water Act of 2000 (2000 Bond Law - Proposition 13) included funding for water recycling research.  The 2000 Bond Law directs the State Water Board to set aside not more than 3 percent of deposits to the Water Recycling Sub-account to be used for the purposes of Section 79144.  Section 79144 provides the State Water Board with the authority to undertake research.  For the purposes of this section, ‘‘research’’ may include the design, acquisition, installation, or construction of monitoring and testing equipment and related facilities relating to water recycling.

Water Recycling Funded Research

Since 2001 the State Water Board has issued $2.65 million in water recycling research contracts, primarily to the WateReuse Foundation.  The WateReuse Foundation is a not-for-profit water public benefit corporation that serves as a centralized organization for the water and wastewater community to advance the science of water reuse, recycling and reclamation. The Foundation's research covers a broad spectrum of issues, including chemical contaminants, microbiological agents, treatment technologies, salinity management, public perception and economics.

Research Available Directly from WateReuse Foundation

Copies of the following research reports may be downloaded directly from this site by selecting the research title below.  For more information regarding the WateReuse Foundation and these and other water recycling research topics, go to the WateReuse Foundation website.

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