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Water Recycling Funding Program (WRFP)


In addition to the core activities, the Water Recycling Funding Program participates in other tasks in support of water recycling.  Key tasks include the following:

  • Track and provide analyses of legislation impacting water recycling.

  • Administer bond funds available for research on water recycling

  • Represent the State Water Board on various committees, including the Department of Health Services Recycled Water Committee.

  • Provide advice and technical support to internal management and external stakeholders for policy development and public presentations.

  • Respond to public inquiries by providing technical information and background on state policy and regulations on water recycling.

  • Provide staff support to other agencies, in particular the Department of Water Resources, in review and selection of funding applications for water conservation or integrated regional water management projects.

  • Participate in CALFED Bay-Delta Program activities.  The CALFED Bay-Delta Program is a cooperative effort of the State and federal agencies with management or regulatory responsibilities for the San Francisco Bay-Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta.  The Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Program is an integral part of the CALFED initiative.  The goal of CALFED’s WUE Program is to accelerate the implementation of cost-effective actions to conserve and recycle water throughout the state.  The WRFP’s involvement has consisted of participation in the CALFED Water Use Efficiency Subcommittee and will continue in any successor committees evolving from the CALFED reorganization.  The WRFP reviews and comments on many CALFED reports covering water recycling efforts.  In addition, the WRFP coordinates with CALFED to obtain feedback and comments on WRFP guidelines, policies and proposed projects.

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