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San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay-Delta) Program

Bay/Delta Modeling Studies


Department of Water Resources Simulation Model (DWRSIM)

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has completed two sets of operations studies under the direction of the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). The studies used the SWP/CVP simulation model, DWRSIM. The studies are described in correspondence from the SWRCB to the DWR. The first set of studies are for flow alternatives 1 through 8 as described in the SWRCB's draft EIR on implementation of its 1995 Water Quality Control Plan for the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta Estuary. The second set of studies, indicated by the letter "J", are for Joint Point of Diversion alternatives 1 through 9 described in the draft EIR. The studies were used in the SWRCB's analysis for its EIR which was released in November 1997.

Questions regarding the model should be addressed to Sushil Arora at (916) 653-7921 or email  sushil@dop.water.ca.gov.

Department of Water Resources Delta Salinity Model (DWRDSM)

DWR's Division of Planning (Delta Modeling section) has completed Delta Salinity Model (DSM) studies under the direction of the SWRCB Division of Water Rights.  Model results were used in the SWRCB’s Draft EIR to compare the impacts of various alternative actions with regard to salinity in the Bay-Delta.  On September 23, 1998, during Phase 5 of the Bay-Delta hearing proceedings, parties asked the SWRCB to make certain elements of the model available on the internet so that model input and assumptions could be reviewed.  More specifically, SWRCB staff were asked to post the agricultural drainage flow and salinity files used as input into DWRDSM.

The Bay Delta Unit staff are pleased to make requested information accessible to stakeholders; however, a few items need mentioning:

  • DWRDSM is being retired in favor of DWRDSM2 .  Technical support of DWRDSM by DWR’s  Delta Modeling Section will be winding down.  Nevertheless, model inputs, outputs and source code documentation are part of the evidentiary record for the Bay Delta Proceedings.  Bay Delta Unit staff will make data available upon request.

  • The Agricultural drainage files used as input into DWRDSM for the SWRCB’s Draft EIR alternatives may be downloaded by clicking below.  The compressed file, ag_input.zip, extracts into 146 subdirectories. Users will need to use a Windows-based file decompression utility to extract the files; PKZip for DOS will not work.

    Download ag_input.zip now (5 MB)
    Go to http://www.winzip.com to download a file decompression utility

Technical questions regarding the DWRDSM and DWRDSM2 models should be directed to DWR’s Delta Modeling Section.  Questions about DWRDSM may be addressed to Francis Chung at (916) 653-5601 or e-mail at fchung@dop.water.ca.gov.   Questions about DWRDSM2 should be addressed to Ralph Finch at (916) 653-8268 or e-mail at rfinch@water.ca.gov. Persons interested in joining the DWRDSM2 e-mail discussion list can subscribe by sending a message to majordomo@osp.water.ca.gov. In the BODY of the message type  “subscribe dsm2”

Questions regarding the Bay/Delta program, the EIR alternatives, and the modeling assumptions should be addressed to Nick Wilcox, Chief of the Bay/Delta Unit at (916) 657-0446 or e-mail nwilcox@waterboards.ca.gov.