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Spring Gap-Stanislaus Project, FERC #2130

Comments on Pinecrest Lake Level Elevation Modification Project Mitigated Negative Declaration

  • Deadline to receive comments was April 15, 2015 by noon.
Agency / Organization / Interested Party Representative Date Received
Private Citizen Gary Sipperley March 18, 2015
Caltrans Carl Baker March 24, 2015
Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center John Buckley April 1, 2015
Private Citizen Jeff Goularte April 4, 2015
Tuolumne County Building Industry Mark Banks April 6, 2015
Del Oro Water Company Inc. Robert Fortino April 6, 2015
Tuolumne County Agricultural Commissioner Gary Stockel April 6, 2015
Private Citizen Triant Varellas April 6, 2015
Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors John Gray April 7, 2015
Private Citizen David Bohnen April 8, 2015
Private Citizens Delyle & Annette Brown April 8, 2105
Private Citizen Stephanie Hanville April 8, 2015
Private Citizens William & Catherine Lobdell April 8, 2015
Private Citizen Susan Reichle April 8, 2015
Private Citizen George Serhan April 8, 2015
Private Citizen Sherry Siewert April 8, 2015
Private Citizen Richard Stark April 8, 2015
Private Citizen Heather Van Dyke April 8, 2015
Private Citizen Triant Varellas April 8, 2015
Private Citizen John Kinnear April 9, 2015
Private Citizen James Roel April 9, 2015
Twain Harte Community Services District Phillip Maxwell April 10, 2015
Private Citizen John Freer April 10, 2015
Private Citizen August Lima April 10, 2015
Friends of Pinecrest Allen Green April 11, 2015
Private Citizen Tom Everhart April 12, 2015
Private Citizen Juliette Cowell April 13, 2015
Private Citizens Jack & Marilyn Whitcher April 13, 2015
Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce Mike Ayala April 14, 2015
Pinecrest Lake Resort Laurie Cashman April 14, 2015
Private Citizen Leonard Doten April 14, 2015
Friends of Pinecrest Keri Green April 14, 2015
Tuolumne Utilities District Tom Scesa April 14, 2015
City of Sonora Ronald Stearn April 14, 2015
Department of Fish and Wildlife Jeffrey Single April 15, 2015
Pinecrest Permittees Association Tim Fisher April 15, 2015
Private Citizen Ron Medearis April 15, 2015
US Forest Service Jeanne Higgens April 15, 2015
The following individuals submitted the attached template letter to the State Water Resources Control Board:
Sally Allison Gail Anderson Robbie Arellano
William Bamford Bill & Helen Betzler Karen Boatright
David Bou. . .(unclear) Sandra Bray Ursula Brown
Sheila Burmester Michael Bustamante David Campbell
Eileen Carlen James & Patricia Carter James Cherry
Margaret Clark Mary Colston Betty Corner
Shari Crawford William Davis John Dickson
Virginia Ellefsen David Evans Roland Federly
Joseph & Suzanne Gallardo Richard & Karen Gila Cynthia & Peter Hade
Steven Hall Tom Hancock Barbara Harvey
Howard & Sheila Hefele Judy Herring Jimmy Hockett
Frank & Judith Hodges John Hofer Tim Holden
Patricia Ingalls Erik Johnson James Johnson
Richard & Regina Kardash Crater Kennedy Jr. Mary Kennedy
Ralph Legg George Leontovich Jeannine Loomis
John Maciel Mary HcHugh & George Morris Kathleen KcKenna
Rebecca Medina Connie Moomey Robert Morrison
Mildred Nelms Susan Nelson Doris Newberger
Gerald Norton Art Nugent William Nyquist
Constance O’Connor Steve & Denise Ornoski Claude & Abby Parcon
Dennis & Lisa Perrotta Robert Perry Deborah Peters
Jutta Peterson Judie Pollard Warren Rauscher
Clyde Reiswig John & Cheryl Roberts Stella Sauls
Peggy Scheer Rich Schwarzmann Don Smith
Harold Smith Roy Stokes Joyce Stroffolino
Anne Sturm Gordon Sturm Kathy Tellin & Kevin Ric
Susan Tully Aleja Watkins Kayla Weldor
Douglas & Linda White Barbara Whitley Karen Wickman
Thelma Williams Mark & Lynette Wilson