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UST Program - Leak Prevention - Frequently Asked Question #6

UST Program - Leak Prevention - Frequently Asked Question #6

Question: Are sumps and under-dispenser containment (UDC) (i.e., non-integral secondary containment) required to be approved by an independent testing organization or a California registered professional engineer (P.E.)?

Answer: Yes. California Code of Regulations, Title 23, section 2631(d) requires that non-integral secondary containment components (e.g., sumps, UDC, etc.) be designed and constructed according to an engineering specification approved by a California registered P.E., or according to a nationally recognized industry code, or an engineering standard. The engineering specification must include the construction procedures. Materials used to construct secondary containment system must have sufficient thickness, density, and corrosion resistance to prevent structural weakening or damage to the secondary containment system as result of contact with any released hazardous substance.

If the secondary containment component is found to be acceptable, the P.E. should sign and stamp a letter clearly stating that the specific make and model of the component reviewed is of sound engineering design and construction. The letter should provide a basic description of what the P.E. reviewed (e.g., drawings of the component, component installation instructions, testing procedures, results of material compatibility testing, etc.), and should also describe any component limitations, if applicable. Copies of the P.E.'s letter can then be used to show local agency inspectors reviewing installation plans that the component has been reviewed and approved as required by section 2631(d).

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