Underground Storage Tanks Program


The majority of UST owners and operators in California take the initiative to voluntarily comply with environmental laws and regulations. Some people, however, do not comply due to lack of information, neglect or deliberate intent.

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) created the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Enforcement Unit to support both the leak prevention and cleanup sides of the UST program by investigating fraud and violations of the UST laws and regulations. We work in partnership with various local, state and federal agencies to conduct inspections, review evidence and assist in or lead investigations. We investigate violations such as improper UST construction, failure to upgrade USTs, tampering with leak detection devices, and fraud to the UST Cleanup Fund.

The UST Enforcement Unit also administers the California Tank Testers Licensing Program. To conduct certain types of tests on UST systems in California, testers need to be licensed. We review testers' applications and administer the test that each of them must pass before becoming licensed. We enforce the California tank tester regulations (Chapter 17) and provide technical assistance to local agencies, tank testers and tank owners.

If you have any questions regarding UST Program Enforcement, please contact our staff.

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