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The California Water Boards created these pages to introduce teachers to an innovative student-centered science education project focused on California's growing problem of polluted runoff. Select from the menu below to learn more about the Water Boards’ efforts, review fact sheets, learn about specific water quality issues in your community or to find out where to locate your local watershed.

  • Overview – Read about water quality issues facing California and why the California Water Boards created these tools to educate youth about stormwater pollution and its harmful effects.
  • Fact Sheets – Review basic fact sheets about stormwater pollution, including What is Stormwater Pollution and How is it Created, What Are the Effects of Stormwater Pollution, Ways to Reduce Stormwater Pollution and 10 Ways You Can Erase the Waste and Prevent Stormwater Pollution.
  • Regional Water Quality Issues – Find information about water quality issues facing your community by selecting your region from the list of nine Regional Water Quality Boards.
  • Find Your Local Watershed – Link to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Surf Your Watershed” for an excellent resource for teachers and students who are seeking more information about their watershed.


( Updated 12/9/08 )