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UST Program - LG 113 - Volumetric Tank Tightness Test Methods

UST Program - LG 113 - Volumetric Tank Tightness Test Methods (Overfill)

Revision Date: May 23, 2007

Volumetric Tank Tightness Test Methods (Overfill)

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Absolute Precision Testing Systems

APT/BKG 1000

0.05 gph/0.02587 gph/6,000 gallons

Estabrook EZY CHEK Systems (originally listed as Horner EZY CHEK)


EZY-Chek I

Estabrook EZY CHEK Systems no longer manufactures or supports the use of this method.

0.1 gph/0.05 gph/12,000 gallons


0.1 gph/0.05 gph/12,000 gallons

Hasstech Leak Computer Tank Test System 0.1 gph/0.05 gph/12,000 gallons

Ibex Industries

Ibex Precision Test System

0.1 gph/0.05 gph/18,000 gallons

Leak Detection Systems, Inc.

Tank Auditor, Version RTD V.2.16

0.1 gph/0.05 gph/15,000 gallons

Purpora Engineering, LLC (originally listed as Heath Consultants, Inc.)

Petro Comp

0.1 gph/0.05 gph/15,000 gallons

Petro Tite II

0.1 gph/0.05 gph/15,000 gallons

Schuster Instruments

Tel-A-Leak 1

0.1 gph/0.05 gph/15,000 gallons

Soiltest, Inc.

Soiltest Ainlay Tank 'Tegrity' Tester, S-3

0.1 gph/0.05 gph/15,000 gallons

Tank Automation, Inc.

Automated Precision Tank Testing System (APTT System), R-2

0.1 gph/0.05 gph/15,000 gallons

Western Environmental Resources AES System II 0.1 gph/0.05 gph/15,000 gallons
AES System II (Large Tanks) 0.1 gph/0.05 gph/75,000 gallons