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UST Program - LG 113

UST Program - LG 113

Issue Date: November 11, 2004
Revision Date: October 27, 2005

Sequence Contols, Inc.
(originally listed as Armstrong Monitoring, Corp.)

AMC 5100 Monitor with
Cable Sensors: AMC 5016 and AMC 5016A




 Output type:


 Sampling frequency:


 Operating principle:

electrical conductivity

Test Results:*



Detection time (min:sec)


Fall time (min:sec)

Not Reported

Lower detection limit (cm)




Detection time (min:sec)


Fall time (min:sec)

Not Reported

Lower detection limit (cm)


 *For tests conducted with 0.32 cm of floating product.

Detection times represent the mean of 5 test periods.
Manufacturer indicates that the sensor cables will detect the presence of petroleum fuels ranging from refined naphtha to heavy crude in bunkers. 
The cables are designed to be reusable after being subjected to a petroleum product. 
If the sensor cable is subjected to trace amounts of diesel fuel, the cable can be removed and dried in the open air in a matter of hours. 
If the sensor cables become supersaturated, the manufacturer recommends and provides a procedure to wash the cables. 
The washing procedure is included in the AMC-5016 and 5016A manuals for customers that order diesel or heavy petroleum product detection systems.


Sequence Controls, Inc.

Evaluator:  Environment Canada

150 Rosamond Street

Tel:  (613) 991- 4568

Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada K7C 1V2

Date of Evaluation:  08/27/04

Tel: (613) 257-7356  
E-mail: kvanspengen@sequencecontrols.com  

URL: www.sequencecontrols.com




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