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UST Program - LG 113 Vendors N - S

UST Program - LG 113 - Vendors N - S



National Environmental, LLC

NESCO (see Phoenix Technologies)


Oklahoma Environmental Services (originally listed as, Arizona Instrument Corp., then NESCO, and then Summit Holdings, Inc., then Phoenix Technologies)

OMNTEC Mfg., Inc.

One Plus Corp.

OPW Fuel Management Systems and Acquisitions

Site Sentinel Model iSite and Site Sentinel Integra (Model 924B with 2 inch dia or 4 inch dia Floats, Magnetostrictive Probes or Q0400-4xx Magnetostrictive Probe)

iSite, iTouch, and EECO Series Fuel Management Systems with OPW Intelligent Sensor (and Company Equivalent): 30-231-S, 30-0230-S (30-3221-1A/1B, Q003-009); 30-0231-L (30-3221-1); 30-0232-D-10/D-20/D-10B/D-20B (Q0003-001/002); and the 924B Sump Sensor

Site Sentinel Model iSite and Site Sentinel Integra with SLD Version 1 (Model 924B Magnetostrictive Probes with 2 inch diameter or 4 inch diameter Floats or Q0400-4xx Magnetostrictive Probe)

Model 327 VLLD Line Leak Detector

Site Sentinel Nano (Model 924B with 2 inch dia Floats)

Owens Corning Tanks (see Containment Solutions, Inc.)


Patriot Sensors and Controls Corp. (originally listed as MagneTek, see AMETEK Automation & Process Technologies)


Petro Vend, Inc. (see OPW Fuel Management Systems)

Phoenix Technologies (originally listed as Arizona Instrument Corp. and NESCO)

PID Analyzers, LLC (originally listed as HNU Systems, Inc.)

Pneumercator Company, Inc.

Praxair Services, Inc. (see Tracer Research Corp.)

Precision Tank Service, Inc. (see TotalSIR)

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation

ProTank, Inc.

Purpora Engineering, Inc. and Acquisitions

   Q - No Listings


Raychem Corp. (see Tyco Thermal Controls LLC)

Robertshaw Industrial Products

Ronan Engineering Co.


S Bravo Systems, Inc.

Schuster Instruments

Sensorcomm, Inc.

Sequence Controls, Inc. (see AT Monitors)

SGB (Sicherungsgeratebau GmbH)

Simmons Corp.

Simone Engineering, Inc.

SIR International, Inc.

SIR Monitor (originally listed as Environmental Management Technologies)

Sir Phoenix, Inc.

Soiltest, Inc.

Sound Products Manufacturing, Inc. (See USTest, Inc.)

Steel Tank Institute

Syscorp, Inc.