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San Diego Region – Groundwater Protection Branch

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The mission of The Groundwater Protection Branch is to ensure timely and effective regional compliance with requirements for investigation, cleanup and abatement of groundwater pollution caused by unauthorized releases of hazardous substances from storage and conveyance systems, discharges of solid and liquid wastes to land, and effective regulation of discharges of recycled/reclaimed wastewater; thereby supporting the mission of the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The responsibility for implementing these regulatory programs is distributed within the Northern Cleanup Unit, Central Cleanup Unit, Southern Cleanup Unit, and Land Discharge Unit with jurisdiction over San Diego County, southern Orange County and southern Riverside County.

Other Information

Groundwater Protection Branch Units

Groundwater Protection Branch Contacts

Staff Title Phone
Julie Chan Supervising Engineering Geologist - Branch Chief
Kelly Dorsey Senior Engineering Geologist - Northern Cleanup Unit
Craig Carlisle Senior Engineering Geologist - Central Cleanup Unit
John Anderson Senior Engineering Geologist - Southern Cleanup Unit
John Odermatt Senior Engineering Geologist - Land Discharge Unit

For More Information

Please contact Mr. John Odermatt of the Land Discharge Unit at (619) 521-5906