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The Division of Administrative Services - Fee Branch, is responsible for setting and collecting fees for the Water Quality Program. If you have questions regarding Water Quality Fees, please email Fee_Branch@waterboards.ca.gov or phone (916) 341-5247.

To make a payment, send check to:

SWRCB Accounting Office
ATTN: Annual Fees
PO Box 1888
Sacramento, CA 95812-1888

(Make check payable to "SWRCB Fees" and note invoice number on check)

New! Pay your water quality program invoice online!
Disclosure: By clicking on the above link, you will be redirected to the Stateís data collector website, FIS. FIS is not under the control of the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and the SWRCB is NOT responsible for the contents or links contained in their website. The SWRCB recommends that you view FISís security and confidentiality statements.

The Division of Water Rights is responsible for setting and collecting fees for the Water Rights Program. If you have questions regarding Water Rights Fees, please contact the Division of Water Rights at (916) 341-5431.

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General Information

Water Quality Fees

Waste Discharge Requirement Fees

NPDES Storm Water Fees

NPDES Permit Fees

Confined Animal Facilities Fee - (Dairy and Animal Feeding Operations)

  • California Code of Regulations (Fee Schedule)
    • Confined Animal Facilities Fees
  • Change of Information Form   »»   ( PDF  |  Word )
    Change your information for SWRCB Dairy and Animal Feeding Operation billing.
    Note: The Change of Information form is not designed for completion on line, please print, complete and mail to the address provided on the form. For more information contact the Fee Branch at (916) 341-5247.

Agricultural and Irrigated Lands Fees


  • California Code of Regulations
    • Ambient Water Monitoring  (SWAMP/GAMA) - CCR, page 1 (2nd paragraph)
    • Class 1 Landfills - CCR, page 1 (footnote 3)
    • NPDES Industrial Rating 1A, 1B, 1C - CCR, page 6
    • Public WWTF (Pretreatment) - CCR, page 6

Water Rights Fees