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Current Enforcement Actions

Expedited Payment Program - The Central Coast Water Board Enforcement Unit has issued a conditional offer to participate in the Central Coast Water Board’s Expedited Payment Program for the following bulleted parties to settle violations subject to mandatory minimum penalties pursuant to California Water Code sections 13385(h) and (i), and sections 13399.33(c) and (d). The listed recipients have agreed to pay the penalties proposed by the Assistant Executive Officer, pending public comment and subject to approval by the Central Coast Water Board or its Executive Officer.

  • Fresh Express (Permittee) Expedited Payment Program Offer (Offer): Per the conditions described in the Central Coast Water Board Enforcement Unit’s August 26, 2016 Offer, the Permittee signed the Acceptance of Conditional Resolution and Waiver of Right to Hearing; Settlement Agreement and Stipulation for Entry of Administrative Civil Liability Order No. R3-2016-0043 (Upon Execution), hereby published on November 16, 2016, for public comment through December 16, 2016.  The Offer proposes to resolve mandatory liability in the amount of $1,300 in response to the Permittee’s failure to submit its 2014-2015 Annual Report by August 14, 2015, conditioned on the Permittee’s submittal of the overdue annual report.  The Permittee will pay the mandatory liability to the State Water Resources Control Board Waste Discharge Permit Fund.  According to the requirements of the California Water Code, the California State Legislature may make these funds available to the Central Coast Water Board to carry out storm water programs.  If comments or information received during the public comment period do not reasonably affect the proposed settlement, the Assistant Executive Officer will present a stipulated order to the Central Coast Water Board or its Executive Officer for adoption.  The public may submit written comments to: Central Coast Water Board, Attention: Jill North, 895 Aerovista Place, Suite 101, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, or may email comments to Jill.North@waterboards.ca.gov.

Carpinteria Sanitary District WWTP Enforcement Action (select this link to see a dedicated web page)

South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District Enforcement Action (select this link to see a dedicated web page) [Updated 10/21/16 for issuance of final order]

Greka Oil & Gas, Inc. - On May 13, 2010, the Central Coast Water Board adopted Stipulated Administrative Civil Liability Order No. R3-2010-0034 imposing a $1.2 million penalty on Greka to settle allegations that Greka violated cleanup requirements applying to petroleum-impacted waste materials stored throughout its facilities in Santa Barbara County. The Water Board issued a news release on May 19, 2010.

Greka Oil & Gas, Inc. - July 10, 2009 Resolution No. R3-2009-0054 requesting that the Attorney General seek civil enforcement against Greka for alleged waste discharges (e.g., crude oil, produced water, residuary products of petroleum) to state and federal waters

Authorized Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP), Enhanced Compliance Actions (ECA), and Compliance Projects (CP) - Penalty Project Report

The Penalty Project Report allows the public to search for a list of enforcement actions associated with a SEP, ECA, and/or a CP, by specifying search criteria to obtain information on projects, including the monetary amount and status.  Please use this glossary to obtain definitions of the program acronyms listed on the search criteria page.

Administrative Civil Liabilities

The Fact Sheet describes the process that Water Boards follow in imposing administrative civil liabilities.

Water Code sections 13225(k) and 13323(e) Report

The Regional Water Boards are posting, on a quarterly interval, information related to all enforcement activities that are recorded in their data system. In addition, for administrative civil liability actions, they are providing information related to the initial assessment of the civil liability, the final assessment of civil liability and whether a hearing was waived. The following reports provide this information for the previous three years.

In addition to the summary information provided by these quarterly reports, access to enforcement information on a real-time basis is available to the public. This information can be accessed from the California Integrated Water Quality System (CIWQS) Public Reports page on the State Water Resources Control Board's Internet website.

Regular Water Board Agenda Reports

To view Enforcement Reports provided in the Central Coast Water Board's regular agendas, please go to the Board Meetings web page, select the year of interest and then the meeting agenda. Once viewing the agenda, select the item titled Enforcement Report.