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2012 State Water Board Enforcement News Releases

Enforcement News Releases – 2012

Water Quality Violations Date
Los Angeles Water Board Issues Cleanup and Abatement Order to The Boeing Company for Santa Monica Groundwater 12/17/12
Central Valley Water Board Adopts Waste Discharge Requirements for Irrigated Lands 12/12/12
San Diego Water Board Approves $138,000 Penalty for Polluted Discharges to San Diego Bay 12/12/12
Penalties Totaling $1.38 Million Proposed for Tracy Dairy Properties Controlled by Henry J. Tosta 11/29/12
Los Angeles Water Board Cracks Down on Sanitation Districts for Failure to Comply with Santa Clara River Chloride Limitations 11/26/12
Central Coast Water Board Settles Enforcement Actions: Farming Operations Will Pay for Violations of the Irrigated Lands Agricultural Order 10/16/12
Central Coast Water Board Fines South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District for Waste Water Spill 10/4/12
Central Coast Water Board Proposes Fines Ranging from $2,070 to $19,410 to Six Farming Operations for Operations for Alleged Violations of the Irrigated Lands Agricultural Order 9/26/12
City of Ione Faces $143,552 Penalty for Failure to Comply with Cease and Desist Order 9/13/12
Draft Hinkley Groundwater Cleanup Environmental Impact Report Available for Review 8/21/12
$700,000 Settlement Proposed for Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority Sewage Discharges into the Mojave River 8/8/12
$50,600 Penalty Imposed on Farming Operation for Waste Discharge Violations in Stanislaus County 8/8/12
Executive Officer Proposes $272,928 Penalty to Dairy for Illegal Disposal of Cow Carcasses and Illegal Discharges of Wastewater 7/23/12
December 2010 Sewage Spill into Lake Tahoe Results in $239,081 Fine from Lahontan Board 7/16/12
Farm Trust Faces $23,685 Penalty for Waste Discharge Violations in Contra Costa County 7/13/12
Central Coast Water Board Sets Civil Liability Hearing on 1.1 Million Gallon Sewage Spill in South San Luis Obispo County 6/19/12
Overflowing Manure Storage Area and Illegally Buried Dead Cows Found at Two Area Farms 6/15/12
Lahontan Water Board Ensures Clean Water for Hundreds of Hinkley Residents 6/07/12
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board Proposes over $400,000 Fine for Tesoro Pollution 5/29/12
$123,191 Complaint Issued to Del Mar Farms for Waste Discharge Violations in Stanislaus County 5/16/12
$46,9950 Complaint Issued to Agricultural Firm for Failure to Obtain Regulatory Coverage for Irrigated Lands in Sacramento County 5/16/12
Ross Valley Sanitary District to pay over $1.5 million for Sewage Discharges into Corte Madera Creek and San Francisco Bay 4/23/12
Los Angeles Water Board Orders City of Avalon to Reduce Pollution at Avalon Beach 4/05/12
Central Valley Water Board issues Cleanup and Abatement Order 3/16/12
Caltrans to Pay $475,182 Fine in Settlement of Water Pollution Violations 3/15/12
Irrigated Lands Order wins approval on Central Coast 3/15/12
PG&E to pay $3.6 million for failing to contain Hinkley chromium contamination $1.8 million for Hinkley School water project 3/15/12
San Diego Bay Sediment Cleanup Order Adopted Largest Cleanup Order Adopted by San Diego Water Board 3/14/12
Central Valley Water Board Supports Court Ruling on Sacramento Sewer Standards 1/24/12


Underground Storage Tank Violations Date
$400,000 Judgment Entered for Underground Tank Violations in Kern, Merced and San Luis Obispo Counties Against Oil Marketer 9/25/12


Fraud, Waste & Abuse Prevention Date
Search Warrant executed at Environmental Consulting Company, PW Environmental in Fraud Investigation 12/21/12
City of Ione Faces $143,552 Penalty for Failure to Comply with Cease and Desist Order 9/13/12
Civil Complaint Filed Against Hayden Environmental, Inc. for Submitting Fraudulent Invoices to the State Water Board 7/09/12
Owners of Southern California Environmental Consulting Firm Charged with Fraud 5/10/12


Water Rights Violations Date
North Coast Water Board Staff Recommends $5.5 Million Caltrans fine for Discharges into Russian River Tributary 11/08/12

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