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2012 State Water Board Enforcement News Releases

Enforcement News Releases – 2014

Water Quality Violations Date
Central Valley Water Board Approves Fines for Discharging Irrigated Land Waste without a Permit 12/22/14
Central Valley Water Board Assistant Executive Officer Issues $18,000 Penalty for Violation of Clean Water Act 11/13/14
Regional Water Board and Caltrans Agree to Settle Water Code Violations in Tuolumne County 10/31/14
San Diego Water Board Fines Industries for Failing to Comply with Storm Water Permits 10/17/14
Settlement Agreement Reached with Two Kern County Oil Firms for Illegal Discharge of Oilfield Fluids 10/07/14
Chevron, State Water Reach $1.66 Million Settlement on Underground Storage Tank Allegations 09/25/14
Water Board to Require City of Calistoga to Correct Discharge Violations 09/22/14
San Diego Regional Water Board Reaches $949,634 Storm Water Settlement Agreement with the City of San Diego 08/13/14
October Hearing set on proposed $3.75 Million Fine against Slaughterhouse 06/11/14
Los Angeles Water Board Approves $591,000 Settlement with City of San Buenaventura for Waste Discharge Violations 05/20/14
Landowners Face Fines for Failure to get Waste Discharge Permits 0519/14
Imperial County Slaughterhouse Faces Proposed $3.75 Million Fine Following Investigation of Clean Water Act Violations 04/18/14
North Coast Regional Water Board Reaches $56,404 Settlement over Sediment Discharges in Mendocino County 04/11/14
Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Adopts Program to Benefit Disadvantaged Communities 04/10/14
San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board Tightens Requirements on Cupertino Quarry and Cement Plant 03/12/14
Settlement Agreement Reached with Kern County Oil Firm for Illegal Discharging of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid 02/26/14
Central Coast Water Board, Grover Beach Settle Stormwater Discharge Report Violations 02/25/14
Tracy Heifer Ranch Fined $310,775 For Water Quality Violations Water Code Violations 02/24/14
Cambria Community Services District Agrees to Sewage Spill Penalty 01/14/14


Underground Storage Tank Violations Date
Lahontan Water Board Issues Enforcement Order Against South Lake Tahoe Gas Station After Contaminant Found in Drinking Water Well
  - Cleanup and Abatement Order No. R6T-2014-0070
$1 Million Civil Judgment Filed Against the City of Glendale For Underground Storage Tank Violations 07/25/14
Lahontan Water Board Closes Pollution Case at Former Susanville Gas Station Site 06/19/14
A.G.'s Office Files Lawsuit for Underground Storage Tank Violations
State Water Board Cites Numerous Violations; Penalties Could Reach Several Million Dollars
Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board issues Cleanup and Abatement Order to Atlantic Richfield Company for the Walker Mine 04/09/14
$4.8 Million Judgment Entered Against TravelCenters of America for Violations of Underground Storage Tank Leak Prevention Requirements 02/26/14


Fraud Waste & Abuse Prevention Date
A.G. Files Complaint against Hanover Environmental Services, Inc. 06/25/14

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