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2015 State Water Board Enforcement News Releases

Enforcement News Releases – 2016

Conservation Date
State Water Board Reaches Agreement with Redlands to Promote More Water Conservation 08/05/16
Indio Water Authority Customers to Benefit from Collaboration with State 05/10/16
State Board Reaches Agreement with Coachella Valley Water District to Further Conservation Efforts 05/27/16

Drinking Water Date
Three Siskiyou County Men Charged with Submitting False Drinking Water Reports to State Water Board 11/10/16
Water Quality Sampler Arrested for Submitting Falsified Lab Reports to the Division of Drinking Water 09/08/16

Water Rights Date
State Water Board Dismisses Enforcement Actions Against Byron-Bethany and The West Side Irrigation Districts 06/07/16

Water Quality Violations Date
City of Industry to Pay $5 Million for Unpermitted Dredging in the San Gabriel River at Follows Camp 12/08/16
City of Compton to Pay Penalty, Upgrade Sanitary Sewer System for Discharging Raw Sewage Into Local Waterway 10/11/16
Southern California Edison to Pay $3 Million for Clean Water Act, Fish and Game Violations at Shaver Lake Dam Project 10/07/16
Santa Ana Water Board Approves Clean-Up Order, Settlement Agreement Over TCE Plume in Ontario 09/20/16
Developer San Altos-Lemon Grove issued $595,367 Penalty for Water Quality Violations 08/30/16
Visalia Dairy to Pay $59,850 for Failing to Report the Impacts of Dairy Operations on Water Quality 08/25/16
Central Valley Water Board Settles With East San Joaquin Valley Grower Over Failure to Acquire Water Quality Permit 07/29/16
SF Bay Regional Water Board Approves $1 Million Settlement on Chlorinated Water Spill 07/22/16
City of San Diego Faces Proposed Penalty of $4.6 Million for Lax Construction Site Erosion Control 07/19/16
Contra Costa County Marina to Pay $26,963 for Waste Discharge Requirement Violations 07/01/16
Central Valley Water Board and City of Vacaville Settle Wastewater Violations in Solano County 06/13/16
Central Valley Water Board and Stamas Corporation Settle Stormwater Permit Violations in Nevada County 06/13/16
San Diego County Settles Allegations of Misuse of State Grant Funds 06/07/16
City of San Gabriel to Pay Penalty, Upgrade Sanitary Sewer System for Discharging Raw Sewage Into Local Waterways 05/11/16
San Diego Water Board Proposes $875,166 Fine to KB Home For Damage to Creek, Non-Permitted Work 04/22/16
Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency to Pay $298,958 in Penalties for Sewage Spill 04/19/16
Shasta County Property Owner to pay $100,000 Over Water Quality Violations Related to Marijuana Grow 03/18/16
City of Taft to pay $250,000 for Overflow of 1.5-million Gallons of Raw Sewage 03/17/16
Morning Star Packing Company Issued $1.5 Million Penalty, Cease and Desist Order for Wastewater Violations 02/22/16
L.A. Regional Water Board Files Lawsuit Against U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Clean Water Act Violations 02/18/16
L.A. Regional Water Board Enters Settlement, Issues Penalty Against City of Alhambra for Discharge of Raw Sewage 02/04/16

Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Prevention Date
Former San Bernardino County Business Owner to Pay $125,000, Banned from Underground Storage Tank Program 09/28/16
State Water Board Bans 100 Shell Oil Company Underground Storage Tank Sites from Cleanup Fund 09/23/16
State Water Board Settles Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Cases with 4 AEG Clients 09/02/16
State Water Board Launches Webpage Listing Businesses Disqualified From Working With the Board Due to Fraud 05/25/16
Placer County Firm to Pay $200,000, Cease All Cleanup Work for Alleged Abuses of Underground Storage Tank Fund 05/16/16
Hanover Environmental to Pay $350,000 In Penalties; Debarred From Any State Water Board Work 04/05/16
State Water Board Settles Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Cases with 5 PW Environmental Clients 02/16/16


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