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Water Rights Orders 1976

Order Number
Project Identification
Permit Revocation Order: Permit 15885 (Application 22806): Unnamed Stream in Napa County.
In the Matter of Permit 14109 (Application 20266) of PETER FOLGER, PETER M. FOLGER, ABIGAEL A. FOLGER: Woodruff and Whistle Creeks in san Mateo County.
In the Matter of Permits 8511, 11356, 11357, and 15000 (Applications 11587, 12178, 12179, and 21471) of UNITED STATES BUREAU OF RECLAMATION: Santa Margarita River in San Diego County.
License Revocation Order: Licenses 2870, 9841 (Applications 10340, 22093): East Twin Creek and Unnamed Stream in San Bernardino and Contra Costa Counties.
Permit Revocation Order: Numerous permits.
Permit Revocation Order: Permit 15877 (Application 23238): Barker Creek in Placer County.
License revocation Order: License 4759 (Application 6357): Unnamed Spring in San Diego County.
License Revocation Order:
In the Matter of Permits 11565 and 15013 through 15024 (Applications 11792 et al.) of CALAVERAS COUNTY WATER DISTRICT: Stanislaus River and Tributaries in Tuolumne, Calaveras, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties.
In the Matter of Permits 11043 and 11044 (Applications 13225 and 13226) of MONTEREY COUNTY FLOOD CONTROL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT: Salinas River in Monterey County.
In the Matter of Permits 10657, 10658, and 10659 (Applications 11199, 12578, and 12716) of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation: Putah Creek in Napa, Solano and Yolo Counties.
In the Matter of Permits 12848, 12849, and 12850 (Applications 11389, 15975 and 15976) of YOLO COUNTY FLOOD CO1JTROL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT; Permit 12349 (Application 12389) of LAKE COUNTY FLOOD CONTROL and WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT: North Fork Cache Creek, Cache Creek, and Kelsey Creek in Lake and Yolo Counties.