Water Rights Announcements










Water Right's Records Unit

Beginning November 15, 2010, the Division of Water Rights Records Unit will be implementing a new, centralized email address for all records viewing appointments and reproduction requests.

To make an appointment to view records, please contact the Records Unit at (916) 341-5421 or email at: dwr@waterboards.ca.gov.

Statements of Water Diversion and Use

The Division of Water Rights is in the process of scanning and posting copies of Statements of Water Diversion and Use (Statements) on its web page. Anyone who diverts or uses surface water is required to file a Statement with the State Water Board, unless the diversion and use is exempt from filing. Exemptions from filing are identified in Water Code section 5101.

You must know the number of the Statement that you are interested in to view it. If you do not know the number, you can look it up on the Water Rights database.

Due to budget restrictions, you cannot currently view the document from eWRIMS, but must use the index of Statements of Water Diversion and Use. The format for the index of Statements of Water Division and Use is SXXXXXX where XXXXXX is the six-digit number assigned to the Statement. Not all Statements are currently posted. More will be available as they are scanned. If you need to review a copy of a Statement that is not posted, please contact the Division of Water Rights at (916) 341-5421 to obtain a copy.

Research Water Rights Topics

As a result of staffing reductions due to budget restrictions, the Division of Water Rights will no longer be able to conduct general research for the public.

If you are interested in a specific water right, please use the online eWRIMS database. You may search for water rights in our records using various search criteria. You will be able to view water right permits and licenses. You can also "download to Excel" to see more information regarding the water right.

If you require assistance researching an issue, you may choose to: (1) contact a consultant or attorney to conduct the research for you, (2) request that a copy of any of our files be sent to you at your cost, or (3) visit our file room and conduct the research. For your convenience, we have listed the contact information for some consultants and attorneys.

If you have general question, please check our Frequently Asked Questions. You may find the answer there.

If your question is not answered and does not require additional research, please contact us.