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Water Rights Orders 1997

Order Number
Project Identification
In the Matter of Water Right Permit 17332 and Water Right Licenses 5715 and 12593 (Applications 25368, 12079, and 17770) of MAMMOTH COMMUNITY WATER DISTRICT: Mammoth Creek in Mono County.
In the Matter of the Petition for Reconsideration of Permitted Application 30497 of Margaret Eastwood Trust: Carmel River in Monterey County.
In the Matter of Petitions for Reconsideration of Order Making Determinations Pursuant to Condition 10 of Decision 1632: Carmel River in Monterey County.
In the Matter of Water Right Application 30298 of DIANE STULLER: Unnamed Stream Tributary to Coleman Valley Creek in Sonoma County.
In the Matter of Permitted Applications 11792, 12910, 12912, 13091 and 19149 (Permits 15013, 15015, 15017, 15018 and 15024) of CALAVERAS COUNTY WATER DISTRICT: Stanislaus River and Tributaries in Tuolumne, Calaveras, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin Counties.
In the Matter of Permit 15012 on Application 11792A of CALAVERAS COUNTY WATER DISTRICT and State-Filed Application 5648C: Calaveras River in Calaveras County.
In the Matter of Applications 29323 and 29324, of CHARLES AND ANNA KLUGE; and Applications 29355 and 29356, Petition to Change Permit 16684 (Application 24336), and Petition to Change License 12125 (Application 26123) of DONALD R. EUTENIER: Adobe Creek tributary to Clear Lake and Unnamed Streams tributary to Adobe Creek in Lake County.