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Salt and Nutrient Management Plans (SNMP)


The State Water Resources Control Board adopted the Recycled Water Policy in February 2009. The purpose of the Policy is to increase the use of recycled water from municipal wastewater sources in a manner that implements state and federal water quality laws. The Recycled Water Policy requires that Salt and Nutrient Management Plans are completed by 2014 to facilitate consistent basin-wide management of salts and nutrients from all sources in a manner that optimizes recycled water use while ensuring protection of groundwater supply, beneficial uses, and human health.  Lahontan Water Board staff are available to provide guidance during the stakeholder-led development of these plans. A list of plans accepted by the Lahontan Water Board and the staff contact person are listed below.

SNMPs Accepted by the Lahontan Water Board

Mojave SNMP

Contact: Patrice Copeland
(760) 241-7404

Antelope Valley SNMP

Contact: Jan Zimmerman (760) 241-7376

Ft. Irwin SNMP

Contact: John Steude (530) 542-5571

SNMPs Under Review


SNMP Progress Report