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Rialto Perchlorate Contamination

A-1824 – Rialto Perchlorate Contamination

SPECIAL NOTICE ! The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) is scheduling an informational item to be heard during its July 17, 2012 Meeting concerning perchlorate contamination in the Rialto area.  The primary purpose of the informational item will be for other public agencies, potentially responsible parties, and affected communities to provide background information and a status update to the State Water Board members.

Since 2002, the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (Santa Ana Water Board) has been conducting an investigation of groundwater contamination in the area of the City of Rialto.  The focus of the investigation has been facilities located on a 160-acre site in Rialto. The Santa Ana Water Board Executive Officer issued a Cleanup and Abatement Order and subsequent amendments naming a number of responsible parties. (See: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/santaana/pdf/05-53.pdf.)  The Cleanup and Abatement Order is the subject of challenges in petitions filed by various entities named as responsible parties.

In Order WQ 2008-0004, the State Water Board commenced review of actions and inactions of the Santa Ana Water Board concerning the 160-acre site in Rialto.  The State Water Board’s review was temporarily stayed by order of the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles pending resolution of certain legal issues.  In response to a peremptory writ of mandate, the State Water Board subsequently issued Order WQ 2009-0004, which was likewise challenged by various parties.  Judicial challenges to the State Water Board’s orders commencing own motion review have been resolved and the stay order has been lifted.

On this website, we will attempt to timely post information and correspondence related to this matter of interest to the parties and the public.  For questions regarding access to documents or the contents of this web page, please contact Cris Carrigan.

The rulings and party submissions listed below have been rescinded pursuant to State Water Board Order WQ 2009-0004 and are provided for historical context only:


For questions regarding access to documents or the contents of this web page, please contact Cris Carrigan at Cris.Carrigan@waterboards.ca.gov.

* Due to the number and volume of exhibits and attachments referenced in this document, they are not available online.  They are available for viewing at the public repository located at the Santa Ana Water Board.

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