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San Joaquin River Dissolved Oxygen TMDL

The San Joaquin River Dissolved Oxygen TMDL was adopted by the Regional Board on 27 January 2005. It has been approved by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and the Office of Administrative Law. Final approval by U.S. EPA was received on 27 February 2007. The TMDL is a Basin Plan Amendment that includes a Control Program to reduce the amount of oxygen demanding substances and their precursors in the San Joaquin River. The TMDL takes a phased approach to allow more time to gather additional informational on source and linkages to the dissolved oxygen impairment, while at the same time moving forward on making improvements to dissolved oxygen conditions. For additional information please contact Christine Joab at (916) 464-4655 or by email at cjoab@waterboards.ca.gov.

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Implementation of TMDL

The TMDL contains a Program of Implementation, which describes actions required for those responsible for the contributing factors (load and non-load) of the dissolved oxygen impairment, and includes actions to be taken by the Central Valley Regional Water Board to ensure completion of these requirements.

Development of a revised Control Program (Phase II TMDL): Once the required oxygen demand and precursor studies are completed, the Control Program will be revised and the prohibition of discharge, effective in 2012, will be reconsidered.

In 1999, stakeholders formed a Steering Committee and participated in the formation of the TMDL. A Technical Working Group was formed to provide a public forum for discussing and disseminating technical information.

2005 Final TMDL Report and Approvals

Development of 2005 Basin Plan Amendment

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