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EMERGENCY PERMITS FOR DREDGE AND FILL ACTIVITIES: USACOE Los Angeles District’s Regional General Permit (RGP) 63 for emergency discharges of dredge and fill to surface waters of the United States, including wetlands, was re-certified by the State Water Resources Control Board on December 23, 2008.  

Certification for individual projects under RGP 63 requires that: 1) the emergency action meets the CEQA definition of an emergency (a sudden, unexpected occurrence …demanding immediate action to prevent or mitigate loss of, or damage to, life, health, property, or essential public service...); 2) a forty-eight hour notification must be submitted to the State Water Board and the applicable Regional Water Board prior to initiating the emergency project, if feasible; 3) a completed RGP 63 Attachment C (discharge information etc.) must be submitted to the State and Regional Water Boards, within three business days of submitting the 48 hour notice and, 4)  a final report, including RGP 63 Attachment D, must be submitted to the State and Regional Water Boards within 45 days of completion of any action conducted under the RGP 63.  

Projects that do not qualify for coverage under RGP 63 will require the issuance of an individual Certification from the Regional Water Board. For emergency Certification of projects conducted under RGP 63 the statutory 21-day public notice period is reduced to simply providing notice prior to issuance. Regional Board staff strives to issue emergency Certifications within one business day.  

For information about receiving emergency permit coverage under RGP 63, contact the USACOE’s Los Angeles District office. For further information on receiving an emergency CWA 401 Certification, please review our web pages for the Certification program or contact Marc Brown (951) 321-4584.

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Dredge and fill discharges to waters of the U.S. are primarily regulated through Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Standards Certifications (Certifications), accompanied by authorization to discharge via State regulations under State Board Order No. 2003-0017-DWQ. Discharges of dredge and fill to waters of the State that are not subject to federal jurisdiction are authorized under the State Board's General Order No. 2004-0004-DWQ or individual waste discharge requirements issued by the Regional Board. Recently-issued Certifications are available for download at this web page while individual waste discharge requirements may be downloaded from our Adopted Orders pages based on the year they were adopted.

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