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CWA 316(b) Thermal Discharges-Cooling Water Intake Structures

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Water Quality Control Policy on the Use of Coastal and Estuarine Waters for Power Plant Cooling - Public Comments - September 2009

The State Water Resources Control Board invited the public to comment on proposed statewide policy on the use of coastal and estuarine waters for power plant cooling.

Company Representative
AES Southland Eric Pendergraft
Bay Area Municipal Transmission Group Ed Chang
California Coastkeeper Alliance
Heal the Bay
Surfrider Foundation
Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s Associations
Defenders of Wildlife
Sierra Club California
Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility
Pacific Ecosystem Protection Ocean Conservancy
Food & Water Watch
Pacific Environment
Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation
General Public
San Francisco Baykeeper
San Diego Coastkeeper
Southern California Watershed Alliance/Desal Response Group
Environmental Health Coalition
Santa Monica Baykeeper
Coastal Alliance on Plant Expansion
Orange County Coastkeeper
San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper
Angela H. Kelley and others: (14.6 MB)
Mark Gold
Joe Geever
Zeke Grader
Joshua Basofin
JIm Metropulos
Rochelle Becker
Kaitilin Gaffney
Mark Schlosberg
Rory Cox
Marco Gonzalez
Steve Fleischi
Sejal Choksi
Bruce Reznki
Conner Everts
Laura Hunter
Tom Ford
Jack McCurdy
Garry Brown
Gordon Hensley
California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance Robert Lucas and Gerald Secundy
California Energy Commission
California Independent System Operator Corporation
California Public Utilities Commission
Karen Douglas and others:
Yakout Mansour
Michael Peevey
California State Senate Senator Fran Pavley
Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Roger W. Briggs
City and County of San Francisco Dennis Herrera
Coastal Alliance on Plant Expansion Jack McCurdy and David Nelson
Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation Marco Gonzalez
Dynegy Daniel Thompson
Letters #1 and #2
Ellison, Schneider & Harris L.L. P. on behalf of RRI Energy Robert Donlan
Environmental Health Coalition Laura Hunter
Letters #1 and #2
Environmental Law & Justice Clinic at Golden Gate University School of Law on behalf of Bayview Hunters Point Community Advocates and Communities for a Better Environment John Harrington and Helen Kang
General Public Steve Fleischli
General Public Frank Brandt
General Public Henriette Groot
Heal the Bay
University of Southern California Sea Grant Program
Avian Species Conservationist
General Public
Catalina Offshore Products, Inc.
California Sea Urchin Commission
Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation
The Surfers Party
Sarah Sikich and Others:
Phyllis Grifman
Serge Dedina
David Weeshoff
Scott Dunn
Dave Rudie
Bob Bertelli
Roberta Cordero
Garth Murphy
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Aram Benyamin
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board Tracy J. Egoscue
MBC Applied Environmental Sciences Eric Miller
MBC Applied Environmental Sciences Shane Beck
Mills Legal Clinic Deborah A. Sivas
Mirant California, LLC Sean P. Beatty
Natural Resources Defense Council Leila Monroe and Noah Long
NRG West George L. Piantka
Orange County Coastkeeper Garry Brown
Oxnard Chamber of Commerce Nancy Lindholm
Pacific Environment Rory Cox
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Mark Krausse
Letters #1 and #2
Powers Engineering Bill Powers
RRI Energy, Inc. Fred McGuire (22.7MB)
San Diego Coastkeeper Gabriel Solmer and Joe Geever
San Francisco Baykeeper Rosalind Becker
Sierra Club Edward Kimura
Sierra Club California Jim Metropulos
SLO Coast Alliance Andrew Christie
Southern California Edison
Letter Attachments:
Michael M. Hertel
Tenera Environment John Steinbeck
United States Environmental Protection Agency Alexis Strauss
US Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheic Administration Robert S. Hoffman

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