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San Francisco Bay/Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay-Delta) Program

Comprehensive Bay-Delta Efforts

The State Water Board anticipates releasing the revised draft Substitute Environmental Document (SED) for Phase 1 of the update to the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan in April 2014. However, due to the increased work effort to deal with drought issues, the release may be delayed. Updates will be posted here.

The State Water Board is in the process of developing and implementing updates to the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan (Bay-Delta Plan) and flow objectives for priority tributaries to the Delta to protect beneficial uses in the Bay-Delta watershed. Phase 1 of this work involves updating San Joaquin River flow and southern Delta water quality requirements included in the Bay-Delta Plan. Phase 2 involves other comprehensive changes to the Bay-Delta Plan to protect beneficial uses not addressed in Phase 1. Phase 3 involves changes to water rights and other measures to implement changes to the Bay-Delta Plan from Phases 1 and 2. Phase 4 involves developing and implementing flow objectives for priority Delta tributaries outside of the Bay-Delta Plan updates. Additional information concerning these processes is available at the links below:

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