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Water Conservation Portal - Enforcement

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The State Water Resources Control Board’s Office of Enforcement has put in place a general enforcement strategy for the suppliers that are not meeting their conservation standard (California Code of Regulations, title 23, section 865(c)(1)).

Under the February 2016 extended Emergency Regulation, many urban water suppliers’ conservation standards were reduced. These revised conservation standards went into effect on March 1, 2016 and apply to water conservation data starting with March 2016.

The following table outlines the general enforcement strategy, effective March 1, 2016:

Priority Description Details
1 More than 15 percentage points below standard Each priority 1 supplier receives a Notice of Violation and Informational Order. Meetings are arranged with State Water Board staff to assess the circumstances preventing the supplier from achieving their conservation standard. Some of the suppliers will receive Conservation Orders.
2 5 to 15 percentage points
from meeting standard
Each priority 2 supplier is sent a Notice of Violation and Informational Order. Priority 2 suppliers have two weeks to provide information on water production, water use, and water conservation efforts. Based on this information, Water Board staff assesses the need for a Conservation Order. If a Conservation Order is warranted, Water Board staff will meet with the supplier before issuing an order.
3 1 to 5 percentage points
from meeting standard
Warning letters are sent to priority 3 suppliers.
0 Met or within 1 percentage point of meeting standard The State Water Board congratulates the suppliers that met, or were within one percent of meeting, their conservation standard.

Last fall, the Water Board issued Administrative Civil Liability Complaints to four suppliers that had not previously received a Conservation Order.

Water Board staff continues to evaluate the need for additional enforcement on an ongoing basis.

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