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Water Boards: Financial Assistance Programs - Grants and Loans

Financial Assistance Programs – Grants and Loans

Clean Water State Revolving Fund Forms and Instructions

  • Application Processes
  • Project List
    NOTE: A project must be included on the Project List [PL] to be approved for CWSRF financing.  CWSRF applicants do not need to take any specific action, however, to have their projects added to the PL.  Division of Financial Assistance staff will recommend that your project be included on the next PL update after we receive at least one of your application packages.   CWSRF applicants should only start an application if they intend to submit a complete application within the next six to 12 months.  CWSRF applications are accepted continuously, and the PL is generally updated on a quarterly basis.  Please note, though, that placement of a project on the PL does not constitute a commitment to provide financing.
  • Financial Assistance Application Submittal Tool (FAAST) Tutorials
  • Potential CWSRF Flags Worksheet
    Although not required as part of your application, it is recommended that you review this worksheet and alert the Division of Financial Assistance staff at your earliest opportunity of any issues that may potentially affect your application.