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Nitrate Project - Tulare Lake Basin/Salinas Valley (SB X2 1)

Nitrate in Groundwater:
Pilot Projects in Tulare Lake Basin/Salinas Valley-SBX2 1

Online Nitrate Information Tool

Is My Property Near A Nitrate Impacted Well?

A new online interactive tool is available for well owners to determine their proximity to wells that
tested above the maximum contaminant level for nitrate.

Press Release

State Water Board Workshop

A public workshop was held on Wednesday, May 23, 2012, to consider
public input on the promising options outlined in the UC Davis Nitrate Report.

The UC Davis Report and public input at the workshop will be used to inform the State Water Board
in developing its recommendations for its Report to the Legislature, as required by SBX2 1, later in 2012.

A video recording of the May 23 Workshop is available by contacting the Clerk to the Board, Jeanine Townsend

Workshop Agenda

Presentations shown at the workshop

UC Davis' Perspectives:
UC Davis, Dr. Thomas Harter

State Agencies' Perspectives:
Central Coast Regional Water Board (CCRWB), Matthew Keeling
CA Dept of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), Dr. Asif Maan
CA Dept of Public Health (CDPH), Leah Walker

Agriculture's Perspectives:
CFBF, Danny Merkley
CA Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF), Bob Martin, Rio Farms
Western United Dairymen (WUD), Paul Martin
Western Growers Association, Dave Puglia

Environmental Justice Groups' Perspectives:
Clean Water Action (CWA), Jennifer Clary;
Community Water Center, Laurel Firestone;
CA Rural Legal Assistance Fund, Phoebe Seaton;
Asociacion de Gente Unida por el Agua (AGUA), Susanna de Anda

Written Comments from the Attendees:
CA Citrus Mutual
David Cehrs, Ph.D
Grower-Shipper Association of Central CA
Provost and Pritchard Consulting Group
Law Offices of Patrick J. Maloney

UC Davis Nitrate Report

The UC Davis Report on Addressing Nitrate in California’s Drinking Water is available on the UC Davis website.

Associated information, presentations, news, and a video of the March 13th
Public UC Davis Nitrate Report Release
is available on the UC Davis website.

Current Efforts Addressing Nitrate

Nitrate contamination in soil and groundwater has been a concern of the Regional Water Boards for some time. These two fact sheets outline how the Central Valley and Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Boards are currently addressing nitrate.

Develop Nitrate Pilot Projects in the Tulare Lake Basin and Salinas Valley

Water Code Section 83002.5 (SBX2 1) requires that the State Water Board, in consultation with other agencies, develop pilot projects in the Tulare Lake Basin and the Salinas Valley to study nitrate contamination, and identify remedial solutions and funding options to recover costs associated with cleanup or treatment of groundwater and to report to the Legislature within two years. It also directs the State Water Board to create an interagency task force (ITF) as needed, to oversee the pilot projects and develop recommendations for the Legislature.

The pilot projects are intended to help improve understanding of the causes of groundwater contamination due to nitrate, identify potential source reduction measures, remediation and treatment solutions, and funding sources to recover costs expended by the state to clean up or treat groundwater, and ensure the provision of safe drinking water to all communities.

Nitrate Project Development

The State Water Board contracted the UC Davis Land, Air and Water Resources to conduct an independent investigation in these areas and report on the findings and potential solutions for nitrate in groundwater. Dr. Thomas Harter, Professor of Hydrogeology, is the principal investigator.

Nitrate Project Interagency Task Force (ITF)

Member agencies of the ITF are identified in the legislation include:

Meetings of the Nitrate Pilot Projects ITF

Although the ITF is not a state body subject to open meeting laws, the ITF will conduct its work in a manner that is transparent to the public to the extent practicable. The State Water Board would like to thank all of those who participate in these events.

December 1st, 2011 ITF Meeting
The third ITF meeting was held at the Cal/EPA Building. Agenda and presentation files are available for viewing.

May 3, 2011 ITF Meeting Agenda, Web Recordings and Presentation
The second ITF meeting (agenda) was recorded and is available for viewing in three sessions: morning session, afternoon technical presentations, and afternoon discussion and next steps. Presentation files are also available for viewing.

August 17, 2010 ITF Meeting Web Recordings
The first ITF meeting was recorded and is available for viewing in the morning and afternoon sessions.

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  • No reports expected until 2011

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