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Water Quality Certification Program-Application Notices

Water Quality Certification Program

Public Notices for Applications Received

Project Identification Project Description Notice Date
Supplemental Flow Variance Request on the Middle Fork Stanislaus River, FERC Project Nos. 2005, 2130 PG&E and the Tri-Dam Project have jointly requested a variance from providing recreational boating flows and supplemental spring flows in the Middle Fork Stanislaus River (MFSR) as required under the water quality certifications (certifications) issued by the State Water Board for the Spring Gap-Stanislaus Hydroelectric Project and Beardsley/Donnells Project, respectively. More information on the Spring Gap-Stanislaus Hydroelectric Project can be found at the Project Page maintained by the State Water Board. The certification for the Beardsley Project can also be found here. 4/04/14
Emergency Drought Barriers Project The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) plans to install three emergency drought barriers at West False River, Steamboat Slough, and Sutter Slough, to help preserve water quality in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta). The temporary rock barriers will prevent tide-driven saltwater from pushing too deeply into the Delta and allow water managers to retain some water in upstream reservoirs for release later in the year. Late summer and fall releases will meet fish needs in upstream rivers and will still be available in part for emergency drinking water supplies from the Delta. A Project fact sheet and webpage have been prepared by DWR for this Project 3/28/14
Lewiston Community Services District's Water Supply Project Turbidity Amendment On December 20, 2013, the State Water Board issued a water quality certification for the Lewiston Community Services District’s Water Supply Project (Project). Condition 4 of this water quality certification outlined the turbidity thresholds that must be met during Project construction. Shortly after the issuance of this water quality certification, State Water Board staff was contacted by the Project Applicant regarding its ability to meet the constraints of Condition 4 due to low background turbidity levels in the Trinity River. The Project Applicant requested that Condition 4 be replaced with a term similar to what was required for the Trinity River Restoration Program. This proposed water quality certification amendment would allow higher turbidity levels within the specified zones of dilution for a short duration during construction activities. 3/11/14
El Dorado Forebay Dam Modification Project The El Dorado Irrigation District requests water quality certification for the El Dorado Forebay Dam Modification Project (Project) from the State Water Resources Control Board. The objective of the Project is to modify the El Dorado Forebay Dam and its associated facilities to meet current dam safety requirements as required by the California Division of Safety of Dams and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and to improve the reliability of the drinking water system. The El Dorado Forebay is an off stream reservoir in El Dorado County and part of the El Dorado Hydroelectric Project (FERC Project No. 184). Construction is anticipated to occur over a two-year period beginning in the summer of 2015 with completion at the end of 2016. 2/25/14
Browns Valley Irrigation District Tailwater Recapture Project Browns Valley Irrigation District (BVID) is proposing a tailwater recapture project (Project) that will relieve irrigation water supply constraints by pumping water from French Dry Creek. The Project includes a collection system within French Dry Creek and installation of approximately 11,000 linear feet of underground 24-inch pipeline ending at an existing irrigation canal known as the Pumpline Canal. The Project is located between State Highway 20 and the Yuba River in the Browns Valley area of Yuba County. 7/12/13
Pit 1 Hydroelectric Project 401 Water Quality Certification Amendment
FERC #2687
The Project is evaluating removal or modification of the flushing flow requirements in the 401 water quality certification for the Pit 1 Hydroelectric Project, FERC #2687. 5/9/13
Lewiston Power Plant Replacement Project The Trinity Public Utilities District (TPUD), the Project proponent, proposes to replace an existing 350-kilowatt (kW) hydroelectric power plant at the Lewiston Dam on the Trinity River in Trinity County, California, with a 2.2-megawatt (MW) power plant. The proposed action would demolish the existing 350-kW powerhouse, construct a new powerhouse at the same location with an installed capacity of approximately 2.2 MW, install a new siphon penstock and new intake structure through the left abutment of the dam, and reconfigure the tailrace. The Project area is comprised of public land and facilities administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) in Section 8, Township 33 North, Range 8 West, Mt. Diablo Meridian Baseline. 2/6/13
Middle Fork American River Project
FERC #2079
Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) is seeking to relicense its Middle Fork American River Project (Project), Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) Project No. 2079.  The Project serves as a multipurpose water supply and hydrogeneration project designed to conserve and control waters of the Middle Fork American River, the Rubicon River, and several associated tributary streams.  The Project is located within the Middle Fork American River Watershed (Watershed) at elevations ranging from approximately 1,100 feet to 5,300 feet.  Water for hydroelectric generation and consumptive use is diverted and stored under permits and licenses issued by the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board).  The Project consists of five powerhouses with a combined nameplate generating capacity of approximately 223.7 MW. 10/11/12
McCloud-Pit Hydroelectric Project
FERC #2106
On July 16, 2009, Pacific Gas and Electric filed an application to relicense its 368-megawatt McCloud-Pit Project No. 2106 (Project) with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  The Project is located on the McCloud and Pit Rivers in Shasta County, California, and consists of three existing developments (James B. Black, Pit 6, and Pit 7).  Project features collectively include two storage reservoirs (McCloud and Iron Canyon reservoirs), two regulating reservoirs (Pit 6 and Pit 7 reservoirs), one afterbay (Pit 7 afterbay), two tunnels, three powerhouses (James B. Black, Pit 6, and Pit 7 powerhouses), and associated equipment and transmission facilities.  The current license expired July 31, 2011.  The average annual energy generation, from 1979 to 2004, for James B. Black, Pit 6, and Pit 7 powerhouses is 656.3, 373.8, and 512.1 gigawatt-hours, respectively. 10/3/12
DeSabla-Centerville Hydroelectric Project
FERC #803
The DeSabla-Centerville Hydroelectric Project, owned and operated by Pacific Gas & Electric Company, is undergoing relicensing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the continued operation of the facility. Additional information on the DeSabla-Centerville Hydroelectric Project can be found on the Project Page. 12/2/11
Bear Creek Diversion Dam Replacement Project Demolish the existing Bear Creek Diversion Dam and pipeline and replace with a new dam approximately 100 feet downstream. Reconstruct the intake structure and a portion of the conveyance canal. 5/11/10
South Feather Hydroelectric Project
FERC #2088
South Feather Hydroelectric Project is undergoing relicensing for the continued operation of the facility with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 11/17/09
Kilarc-Cow Creek Hydroelectric Project
FERC #606
This project involves the decommissioning of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company Kilarc-Cow Creek Hydroelectic Project features, which includes the canals, forebays, and instream diversion dams, as authorized through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proceeding. Additional information on the Kilarc-Cow Hydroelectric Project can be found on the Project Page. 9/15/09
FERC #2107
The Poe Hydroelectric Project, No. 2107, consists of the Poe Dam, a powerhouse, and a bypassed stream reach, which is undergoing relicensing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 7/14/09
Upper North Fork Feather River Hydroelectric Project
FERC #2105
The Upper North Fork Feather River Hydroelectric Project, No. 2105, consists of three dams, five powerhouses, and three bypassed stream reaches, which is undergoing relicensing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 7/14/09
Big Creek
FERC #67, #120, #2174, #2175, #2085 & #2086
Issuance of new FERC licenses for six hydroelectric projects located in upper San Joaquin River watershed in Madera and Fresno counties. Additional information on the Big Creek Hydroelectric Projects can be found on the Project Pages. 6/2/09
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