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Sacramento River Temperature

Sacramento River Temperature and Order 90-5 Compliance

This page includes information related to State Water Resources Control Board Order 90-5 compliance.  Order 90-5 establishes water right requirements on the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s (Reclamation) operations of Keswick Dam, Shasta Dam, the Spring Creek Power Plant and the Trinity River Division related to temperature control in the Upper Sacramento River for the protection of fishery resources and requires monitoring and reporting to evaluate compliance with those requirements. This page also includes information concerning additional requirements related to Sacramento River temperature control that were included in Orders on drought related Temporary Urgency Change Petitions (TUCP) filed by Reclamation and the Department of Water Resources in 2014 and 2015. Additional information concerning the TUCPs can be found on the State Water Board’s TUCP Webpage.



Public Comments on Sacramento River Temperature Management

Sacramento River and Spring Creek Powerplant Monthly Temperature and Turbidity Reports

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2016 2/26/16 3/21/16 3/21/16 7/7/16 7/7/16 7/18/16 8/22/16 9/23/16 10/13/16 11/2/16 12/6/16 1/12/17
2015 2/12/15 3/13/15 4/15/15 5/18/15 6/18/15 7/21/15 8/18/15 9/12/15 10/28/15 12/1/15 1/28/16 1/28/16
2014 3/18/14 4/17/14 4/21/14 5/15/14 6/13/14 7/17/14 8/14/14 9/25/14 10/14/14 12/3/14 12/14/14 1/14/15

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