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401 Certifications

Project Identification Project Description Issuance Date
Yuba County Water Agency Log Cabin Diversion Dam Apron Curtain Repair Project In November of 2011, during a diving inspection Yuba County Water Agency (YCWA) discovered two small areas of scour on the toe of the Log Cabin Diversion Dam spill apron on the downstream side of the dam. YCWA plans to repair the scour areas by drilling dowels into the existing concrete and stream bed in the scour area and then filling the scour areas with fiber reinforced shotcrete which contains a high silica fume content. A discharge pipe from the upstream Log Cabin Diversion Dam temporary impoundment will be extended approximately 150 feet downstream of the dam to allow an estimated 8 cubic feet per second of streamflow to pass around the construction area. A combination of sandbag barriers upstream of the discharge pipe and sump pumps will dewater the construction area, allowing the work to proceed in dry conditions. 10/28/14
Tioga Lake Dams Geomembrane Installation Project Southern California Edison is proposing to install geomembrane liners at the Tioga Lake Main Dam and Auxiliary Dam and perform repairs to the structures as needed. Project activities will require the lake to be drained. Historically the lake has been drawn down in the winter to provide storage capacity for spring run-off. Installation of the geomembranes and associated repairs are expected to extend the effective life span of the structures for up to 30 years. The Project is located on Lee Vining Creek in the Inyo National Forest. The proposed Project area is within the Lee Vining Hydropower Project (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Project No. 1388). The Project will require issuance of a nationwide permit by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under section 404 of the CWA. 7/31/14
Montague Water Conservation District Alternative Water Supply Project Montague Water Conservation District’s (MWCD) Alternative Water Supply Project proposes to release water to the Shasta River from Dwinnell Reservoir and/or groundwater source located at or near the base of Dwinnell Dam to provide water to the City of Montague.  Released water would remain in the Shasta River for approximately 24.5 river miles to the new point of diversion.  At the new point of diversion, the released water would be re-diverted from the Shasta River and pumped to the City of Montague’s reservoir via a new 15,000 foot 10 inch pipeline. 6/3/14
FERC No. 2130
Spring Gap-Stanislaus Hydroelectric Project

Relicensing of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Spring Gap-Stanislaus Hydroelectric Project. Located on the Middle and South Forks of the Stanislaus River.

Additional Documentation:
Initial Study | Mitigated Negative Declaration | Mitigation Plan | Response to Comments | PG&E Petition for Reconsideration (8 MB) | TUD Petition for Reconsideration
FERC No. 2005 Beardsley/Donnells Hydroelectric Project Relicensing of Tri Dam Project’s Beardsley/Donnells Hydroelectric Project.  Located on the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River  in Tuolumne County 5/1/2014
Operational Changes at the Santa Felicia Project The Project amends the September 12, 2008, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license for the Santa Felicia Dam Project (FERC Project No. 2153). The Project will replace the lower Piru Creek current minimum instream flows released from Santa Felicia Dam with flows listed in the June 2012 Water Release Plan (Plan). The flows contained in the Plan were developed to support: 1) unimpeded Oncorhynchus mykiss (steelhead) migration in Piru Creek downstream of Santa Felicia Dam and in the Santa Clara River from the confluence of Piru Creek downstream to the Vern Freeman Diversion Dam; 2) the formation and preservation of freshwater rearing sites for steelhead throughout Piru Creek downstream of Santa Felicia Dam; and 3) the creation and maintenance of freshwater spawning sites for steelhead throughout Piru Creek downstream of Santa Felicia Dam. Dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring will be required in the certification to ensure compliance with the water quality objective and protection of beneficial uses. 3/4/2014
Lewiston Community Services District’s Water Supply Project Lewiston Community Services District (LCSD) proposes to relocate its infiltration gallery to a location on Lewiston Community Services District property approximately 2,800 feet downstream of the existing intake in Lewiston, California. The LCSD system serves 40 connections, including a 22-space trailer park and a hotel/restaurant. The total service area includes 150 people, roughly equal to 60 single family dwelling equivalents (at 2.5 persons/single family dwelling). All connections are currently metered. The LCSD is experiencing challenges meeting the federal arsenic MCL of 10 parts per billion (ppb) in its drinking water. The proposed infiltration gallery would be constructed in a large gravel bar built in August 2008 as part of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's Trinity River Restoration Program. Water would be piped from the infiltration gallery to a new raw water pump station and, from there, into a 2,675-foot long raw water pipeline that leads to LCSDs existing water treatment plant. 12/20/13
FERC #2101 Upper American River Hydroelectric Project The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is undergoing relicensing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for the continued operation of the Upper American River Hydroelectric Project, which may include the construction of the proposed Iowa Hill Pumped-Storage Development. 10/4/13
FERC #1992 Fire Mountain Lodge Hydroelectric Project The Fire Mountain Lodge Hydroelectric Project Relicensing and Dam Safety Repairs involves the proposed re-licensing of a small existing earth and concrete filled dam with modifications to the dam. The Project is comprised of two elements: (1) relicensing the existing Fire Mountain Lodge Hydroelectric Project (also referred to as Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [FERC] Project No. 1992); and (2) dam safety repairs required by FERC’s Division of Dam Safety and Inspections. The existing dam is eroding along the top of the dam and needs to be repaired. Construction on the existing dam would involve the dam repair, outfall repair, and installation of a new spillway. 9/26/13
FERC #13123 Eagle Mountain Pumped Storage Project The Eagle Mountain Project is located near the town of Desert Center and Joshua Tree National Park in eastern Riverside County. The Eagle Mountain Project involves the construction of a new pumped storage project using two existing mining pits from the Eagle Mountain Mine. The existing East Pit will form the Project's Lower Reservoir and the existing Central Pit will form the Project's Upper Reservoir. Groundwater will be used to fill the reservoirs. Water will be pumped from the Lower Reservoir to the Upper Reservoir during periods of low demand, and allowed to flow from the Upper Reservoir to the Lower Reservoir through an underground powerhouse with four turbines to generate peak energy during periods of high demand. To obtain the needed storage volume at the existing Central Pit, two dams will be constructed along its perimeter. As the existing East Pit has sufficient storage for the total required volume, no dams will be needed. The installed capacity of the Eagle Mountain Project is expected to be 1,300 megawatts. The Eagle Mountain Project is expected to provide hydroelectric generation to meet a portion of California's power requirements, provide power generation diversity and capacity needs, and contribute to reliable grid operations. 7/15/13
Meridian Farms Fish Screen Project, Phase 2 Meridian Farms Water Company is proposing to remove the existing Meridian diversion and pumping plant along the Sacramento River near the Town of Meridian within Sutter County and to replace the Meridian diversion and pumping plant with a new diversion and pumping plant equipped with retractable cylindrical fish screens to prevent entrainment of migrating fish. 6/7/13
FERC #2155
Chili Bar Hydroelectric Project
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is seeking relicensing from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for its Chili Bar Hydroelectric Project (Project), FERC Project No. 2155.  The Project is located on the South Fork of the American River in El Dorado County and is situated directly downstream of the Upper American River Project (FERC 2101) that is operated by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.  The State Water Resources Control Board is the lead agency for the purpose of the California Environmental Quality Act.  11/8/12
Sand Bar Dam Weir and Cableway Project Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) filed a water quality certification application with the Division of Water Rights on July 11, 2012. The Project will modify the existing Sand Bar Dam weir and construct a cableway on the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River (MFSR). The current weir is undersized and is unable to measure the full range of flows on the MFSR. Accurate flow measurements are necessary to monitor compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license issued to PG&E for continued operation of the Spring Gap-Stanislaus Hydroelectric Project (FERC Project No. 2130). The project is located approximately 25 miles northeast of Angels Camp on the MFSR. 2/28/13
Peter Michael Winery Tributary 3 Bypass Facility To protect fish and wildlife, Peter Michael Winery (Applicant) will construct the Tributary 3 Bypass Project (Project) in Tributary 3, roughly 40 feet upstream of the confluence with the lower reservoir.  During the period from December 15 through March 31, the Applicant shall bypass a minimum of 0.56 cfs from Tributary 3 or the total streamflow if flow is less than 0.56 cfs.  From April 1 through December 14, the Applicant shall bypass the total streamflow.  The bypassed streamflow will flow through a 12-inch diameter pipeline (bypass pipeline) buried along the eastern side of the lower reservoir under the existing gravel path.  The bypass flow will be released into Tributary 5 by connecting the bypass pipeline to an existing 12-inch diameter storm drain pipeline that originates near the toe of the lower reservoir dam and empties into Tributary 5, and subsequently Kellogg Creek. 10/16/12
Revised McArthur Swamp Management Plan – Implementation of the Waterfowl Restoration Project Pacific Gas and Electric Company has proposed the McArthur Swamp Waterfowl Restoration project as directed by license article 406 of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission License No. 2687 for the Pit 1 Hydroelectric Project. The proposed project area encompasses approximately 475 acres of jurisdictional wetland habitat located on the southern shore of Big Lake in Shasta County. The project will involve the construction of approximately 133 acres of meandering swales and 18 acres of elevated mounds in the areas known as Ash Field, Rat Farm Pond, and a portion of Hollenbeak Field. Upon completion of the project, water will be diverted from Big Lake in order to flood the project area and create waterfowl habitat. All construction will be done during dry weather. 8/30/12
Agnew Lake Dam Geomembrane Liner Installation and Dam Repair Project Southern California Edison has proposed the Agnew Lake Dam (Dam) Geomembrane Liner Installation and Dam Repair Project (Project) as a means to repair the deteriorated areas at the Dam, install a geomembrane on the upstream face of the Dam, replace the trash rack, and grout the dam foundation. The proposed work will require a 30-foot wide work area along the entire length of the upstream base of the Dam. Agnew Lake is located on Rush Creek within the Inyo National Forest at an elevation of 8,499 feet mean sea level on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 8/1/12
Feather River Fish Screen Project Project will replace the unscreened intake structure with a new screened intake structure in approximately the same location. Also included in the Project are upgrades to the LLPS and associated intake structure facilities to accommodate a pumping capacity of 48 million gallons of water per day. 4/17/12
TELEGRAPH CREEK NEW WATER INTAKE Resort Improvement District #1 has proposed to construct a new water intake for an existing water right. The new intake will allow for the removal of a current downstream dam, which has been identified as a partial barrier to fish migration. 4/17/12
Rock Creek Powerhouse Efficiency Upgrade Project

Pacific Gas and Electric Company propose to upgrade efficiency at the existing Rock Creek Powerhouse by retrofitting the generating equipment. 4/10/12
FERC #11068
New Friant River Outlet Powerhouse
Friant Power Authority and the Orange Cove Irrigation District, co-Licensees, have applied for a capacity related amendment to their existing hydropower license. The proposed project, New Friant River Outlet Powerhouse (Project), would increase the power-generating capacity at the Friant Dam River Outlet site to utilize flow releases required by the San Joaquin River Settlement Agreement to generate energy. The Project would expand the power generation capacity at the River Outlet site from 2 MW to approximately 9 MW. 6/3/11
FERC #2100
Oroville Facilities

Relicensing of the Department of Water Resources Oroville Facilities 12/15/10
Antelope Creek Restoration Project The Antelope Creek Restoration Project will restore and rehabilitate the portions of Antelope Creek and the adjoining wetlands that run though the Antelope Creek Ranch. 7/14/10

Eastern Sierra Hydroelectric Power Projects


Southern California Edison Company (SCE) operates four hydroelectric facilities along the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. SCE proposes to conduct routine maintenance at 15 different sites at these hydroelectric facilities, which include the Bishop Creek Hydroelectric Project, Rush Creek Hydroelectric Project, Lee Vining Creek Hydroelectric Project and Lundy Hydroelectric Project. The Project activities consist primarily of routine maintenance, such as removal of sediment, debris, and vegetative growth, structures and facilities repair. Some of the site activities will require draining impoundments, installation of coffer dams, placement of sand bags, or bypassing water around or through the sites. 6/16/10
FERC #6885
Cinnamon Ranch Hydroelectric Project
Richard Moss operates the Cinnamon Ranch Hydroelectric Facility within the Hammil Valley along the western slope of the White Mountain Range, Mono County. The diversions are from Pellisier Creek and Middle Canyon Creek located on US Forest Service land and from Birch Creek located on land owned by the US Bureau of Land Management. The facility generates 150 kilowatts and is undergoing re‑licensing. There are no proposed changes to the current operation. The certification includes conditions for developing monitoring plans for stream flow, water quality, ambient bioassessment and a fishery survey. 5/11/10
Telegraph Creek Water Intake Pilot Study The objective of the Telegraph Creek Water Intake Pilot Study is to examine the feasibility and design of a diversion system that provides suitable fish passage and ecological conductivity in the Telegraph Creek Watershed consistent with the recommendations of a settlement between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Agency and the Resource Improvement District #1. 9/29/09
Cooley Ranch Water Right Applications Project The project will be constructed within the 19,000-acre Cooley Ranch in Sonoma County. A total of 226 acre-feet per annum of water will be diverted to storage from five unnamed intermittent streams that are tributaries to Lake Sonoma for irrigation and recreation. Major project features include development of four onstream reservoirs, one offstream reservoir, six infiltration galleries, and 280 acres of vineyards. The project will also include construction of access roads, pipelines, culverts, road and stream crossings, preservation and creation of wetlands, and development of other agricultural appurtenances. 9/16/09
Lytle Creek Gate Intake Repair Project Lytle Creek project is operated as part of the Southern California Edison (SCE) power generation system under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission No. 1932. SCE proposes to repair the existing Lytle Creek intake structure that has been damaged due to exposure to the elements and to vandalism. The proposed project consists of the installation of a new foundation, removal of existing equipment and installation of the intake replacement units. 8/25/09
FERC #8377, Lake Isabella
Isabella Partners operates the Isabella Hydroelectric Project powerhouse located on the downstream toe of the main dam at Lake Isabella. The Isabella Hydroelectric Project is licensed for power generation under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission No. 8377. The new powerhouse will use the bypass flows to optimize power production and will be capable of generating 850 kilowatts of electrical power. 8/25/09
Rush Meadows Dam Geomembrane Installation Project Rush Meadows Dam is operated as part of the Southern California Edison (SCE) power generation system under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Project No. 1389. Increased leakage through the dam compromises its holding capacity. SCE proposes to install a geomembrane liner to the upstream face of the dam to prevent leakage, and to repair any deteriorated areas of concrete on the dam face. 7/2/09
FERC #233,
Britton Powerhouse and Instream Flow Release Facilities
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) to amend the license for the Pit 3, 4, and 5 Hydroelectric Project to build the 2.8 mega-watt Britton Powerhouse at Pit 3 Dam. PG&E has also applied to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Nationwide Permits for the Britton Powerhouse and for construction of Instream Flow Release structures at the Pit 3, Pit 4, and Pit 5 Dams. 5/21/09
Kern 3 Hydroelectric Project, Revised Sediment Management Practices The Revised Sediment Management Practices plan was developed to comply with license conditions for the Southern California Edison’s Kern River No. 3 Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 2290). The sediment management practices include sand box flushing, operational and pond drain sluicing, and mechanical dredging to remove accumulated sediment, rock and debris behind Fairview Dam. These activities will prevent unnatural sedimentation and protect the fishery habitat in the downstream river reach, and will improve power generation. 4/30/09
Silver Lake Outlet Emergency Repair Project The outlet works at the Silver Lake Dam were determined to need emergency repairs to replace the damaged gate valve and trash rack, to conduct concrete repairs to the conduit, and to install new mechanical operators and floor stands in the gate control building. The Project will require dewatering the outlet system, lowering the reservoir level, and installation of a temporary cofferdam and flow bypass system. 1/28/09
Kern River #1 Revised Sediment Management Practices The Revised Sediment Management Practices plan was developed to comply with license conditions for the Southern California Edison’s Kern River No. 1 Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 1930). The sediment management practices are designed to mimic the natural sediment transport regimes, which will prevent unnatural sedimentation in the downstream river reach and protect smallmouth bass habitat, and will improve power generation. The plan also includes proposed repairs to the powerhouse intake system. 12/16/08
Battle Creek Construction Construction of the restoration project for naturally producing salmon and steelhead habitat on Battle Creek and its tributaries for the Battle Creek Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 1121) 12/9/08
FERC No. 1121
Battle Creek Hydroelectric
FERC license amendment for the restoration of naturally producing salmon and steelhead habitat in Battle Creek and its tributaries. 12/9/08
FERC No. 2426
California Aqueduct

The FERC license will be amended so the California Department of Water Resources can operate Pyramid Dam to simulate the natural hydrology of Piru Creek by reducing the minimum instream flow during summer months and increasing flow during winter storm events. The purpose of the amendment is to avoid the “incidental take” of the federally listed endangered arroyo toad.

Current Projects: California Aqueduct Project, FERC #2426
FERC No. 178
Kern Canyon Hydroelectric
Under this relicensing, operations will continue as in the past with only temporary modifications occurring when it is necessary to do maintenance on the diversion and outlet works, essential work in the reservoir, or when needed in the interest of public safety. 10/23/08
EID Caples Lake Outlet Emergency Repair Project The outlet works of Caples Lake Dam were determined to need emergency repairs due to a number of structural problems that risked gate failure. The repairs include replacement of the damaged gate valve and trash rack, and installation of new mechanical operators. The project will require dewatering of the outlet system, lowering the reservoir level, and installation of a temporary cofferdam and flow bypass. 9/4/08
2008 Klamath River Restoration Grant Program Salmon and steelhead habitat and fish access to cold water will be restored at 31 different locations on the Klamath River and its tributaries. Activities will improve the spawning success for adult salmon and steelhead, will increase the survival rate of eggs, embryos, rearing juveniles, and downstream migrants, will remove permanent and seasonal barriers to historical salmonid habitats, and will prevent juvenile salmonid entrapment. 6/26/08
Four Mile/Weed Valley Reservoir Wetlands Restoration Project Reservoir maintenance will consist of spillway and weir repair, embankment reinforcement, dam reinforcement, water control structure retrofit. Seasonal wetlands will be rehabilitated to promote the habitat of endangered sucker species, to enhance waterfowl and other wildlife habitat, and to facilitate conversion of the vegetation to a more diverse emergent marsh plant community. 6/24/08
Beaver Creek Reservoir Sediment Removal Project Sediment will be removed in the Beaver Creek Diversion Reservoir to restore storage to 1999 capacity. Flows will be diverted around the work site and a coffer dam will be constructed to dewater the construction area prior to debris and sediment removal. 2/7/08
Brooktrails Rubber Spillway Dam Project Capacity in Lake Emily will be increased by replacing existing wooden flashboards with inflatable gates at the spillway that will increase the maximum water level by three feet. A berm will also be installed at the toe of the dam and a small building for house the gate controls will be installed. 1/16/08
White Gulch Dam Removal Project The objective of the Project is to remove barriers to fish migration and allow Coho salmon and spring run Chinook salmon access to 1.5 miles of habitat currently blocked by dams. The Project includes the removal of two dams and relocation of an intake for a small hydroelectric project. 12/13/07
Alternate Intake Project The Alternate Intake Project involves the construction of a new municipal water supply intake for Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) on Victoria Canal. The new intake would improve CCWD’s water quality, but would not increase CCWD’s total diversion capacity (permitted rate or average annual quantity). The new intake would have a capacity of up to 250 cubic feet per second and would be a part of CCWD’s Old River conveyance system 11/26/07
Lower Bucks Lake Dam Outlet Valve Retrofit Project Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project (FERC 619) - on Bucks Creek, tributary to the North Fork Feather River: Bucks Creek, Milk Ranch Creek transfer through Milk Ranch Conduit in Plumas County 6/14/07
Grizzly Forebay Dam Outlet Valve Retrofit Project Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project (FERC 619) - on Grizzly Creek, tributary to the North Fork Feather River: Grizzly Creek; Bucks Creek and Milk Ranch Creek transfer through the Grizzly Tunnel to Grizzly Forebay in Plumas County 6/27/07
Grizzly Creek Weir Modification Project Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project (FERC 619) - on Grizzly Creek, tributary to the North Fork Feather River: Grizzly Creek in Plumas County 7/5/07
2006 Klamath River Restoration Grant Program The 2006 Klamath River Restoration Grant Program will restore salmon and steelhead and improve fish passage in cold water tributaries to the Klamath River. 7/20/07
FERC No. 233
PIT 3, 4 and 5 Hydroelectric Project
Pit River in Shasta County

Order Granting Petition for Reconsideration, dated 1/18/07
Issued on 8/8/06
Iron Gate Dam By-Pass Tunnel Rehabilitation Project FERC No. 2082 - Klamath Hydroelectric Project 9/11/06
FERC No. 184
El Dorado Hydroelectric Project
El Dorado Irrigation District - South Fork of the American River and Tributaries in El Dorado County, and parts of Alpine and Amador Counties 4/4/06
FERC No. 2067
Tri-Dam Project, Tulloch Hydroelectric Project
Stanislaus River in Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties 9/14/05
FERC #2246 NARROWS II FULL FLOW BYPASS PROJECT, NON-CAPACITY LICENSE AMENDMENT The proposed Narrows II Full Flow Bypass Project would be implemented at the Narrows II power plant on the Yuba River in Yuba County. The power plant is immediately downstream from Englebright Dam and 20 miles northeast of Marysville.
FERC No. 372
Lower Tule River Hydroelectric Project
Southern California Edison Company – Middle Fork of the Tule River in Tulare County 3/5/04
Upper Utica FERC Project No. 11563 This order issues a new license to Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) for the continued operation and maintenance of the Upper Utica Project No. 11563, located on Silver Creek and the North Fork Stanislaus River, in Tuolumne and Alpine Counties, California, wholly on lands of the Stanislaus National Forest.
Farad Diversion Dam Replacement Project Sierra Pacific Power Company - Truckee River In Nevada County 6/30/03

FERC #2017 Big Creek No. 4

 Big Creek No.4 is located on the San Joaquin River above Friant Dam and Lake Millerton, and is immediately upstream of Kerckhoff Lake. Big Creek No.4 is the lowermost project in the "Big Creek System" operated by SCE.


FERC #1933 SANTA ANA 1 & 3 HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT The Southern California Edison Company proposes to relicense the Santa Ana River 1 & 3 Hydroelectric Project (SAR 1 & 3) with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The SAR 1 & 3 is located on the Santa Ana River upstream of the Seven Oaks Dam. The primary sources of flow in this reach of the Santa Ana River are rainfall, snowmelt and release from storage from Big Bear Lake.
FERC #2661 HAT CREEK 1 & 2 POWER PROJECT The Pacific Gas and Electric Company proposes to relicense the Hat Creek 1 & 2 Hydroelectric Project (Hat 1 & 2) with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Hat 1 & 2 is located on Hat Creek four miles from its confluence with the Pit River, near the town of Cassel in Shasta County. The project is run-of-river and consists of two powerhouses (Hat 1 & 2) with a combined installed capacity of 20 megawatts.
FERC #2079 RALSTON SWITCHYARD EROSION PROTECTION PROJECT The Ralston Powerhouse 230 kV electrical switchyard was damaged during recent major storm events. Various levels of erosion have occurred at the switchyard. In January 1997, most of the riprap slope protection and portions of the embankment were removed by severe flooding. The erosion resulted in undermining the electrical switchyard. Interim repairs have been made to stabilize the embankment. However, the restored erosion protection is not considered adequate to prevent switchyard damage from a storm similar to that of January 1997. PCWA is proposing to construct long-term flood control protection measures.
FERC No. 2687
PIT 1 Hydroelectric Project
Pacific Gas & Electric Company - Fall River tributary to Pit River in Shasta County 12/4/01
FERC #2088 SLATE CREEK DIVERSION DAM SEDIMENT PASS-THROUGH PLAN OROVILLE-WYANDOTTE IRRIGATION DISTRICT SOUTH FORK PROJECT The Oroville-Wyandotte Irrigation District (OWID) is proposing a Sediment Pass-Through plan for the Slate Creek Diversion Dam. The Slate Creek Diversion Dam was built in 1962 and is part of OWID's South Fork Hydroelectric project. The reservoir behind the dam has become filled with sediments, due in part to mining activities upstream from the dam. The sediments behind the Slate Creek Diversion Dam pose a hazard to the functioning of the diversion tunnel and low level water release valves. Sediments have been removed by dredging in the past, however the reservoir has quickly refilled. OWID is seeking a long term solution for maintaining the functioning of the Slate Creek Diversion Dam.
FERC #2310 ROCK CREEK RESERVOIR SPILL WAY MODIFICATION, DRUM-SPAULDING HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT The Pacific Gas and Electric Company proposes to lower the existing spill crest of Rock Creek Reservoir Dam by 2.5 feet. This will involve saw cutting and removing the top portions of the existing oncrete spill crest at Bays No. 25 and No. 26 of the multiple arch dam. A new reinforced concrete slab with an ogee crest will be installed, similar to the existing spill crest. To allow crane access to the spillway, the existing outlet pipe will be extended by approximately 15 feet, and the channel will be filled with rock. At the end of construction the fill material will be removed and the site restored.
FERC #2079 INTERBAY RESERVOIR SEDIMENT REMOVAL PROJECT Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) is proposing to remove up to approximately 70,000 cubic yards of accumulated storm sediment and debris from Interbay Reservoir on the Middle Fork of the American River, and to armor eroded areas of the reservoir banks. All work in the reservoir will be performed with the reservoir drained. Other maintenance tasks will also be performed at Interbay Dam, and Middle Fork Powerhouse, during the sediment removal operation.
Dam Repair
The El Dorado Irrigation District proposes to reconstruct the EI Dorado Diversion Dam which was damaged in January 1997. The EI Dorado Hydroelectric Project is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and includes a diversion dam on the South Fork of the American River, 22 miles of canal (the EI Dorado Canal), and a powerhouse.
FERC #2916 LOWER MOKELUMNE HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT, PARDEE DAM AND SOUTH SPILL WAY MODIFICATION The Pardee Dam and South Spillway were constructed in 1928 at the west end of Pardee Reservoir, in Amador and Calaveras Counties. The reservoir, dam, and spillway are owned and operated by EBMUD under FERC license number 2916. Pardee Dam is a 345 foot high concrete gravity arch dam with a crest elevation of 575 feet. Two five foot high parapet walls are located at the top of the dam. The South Spillway is a concrete chute with a crest width of 850 feet and a length of 300 feet. Nineteen piers extend from the crest to support a bridge that crosses the spillway. The proposed projects include modifications to both the Pardee Dam and South Spillway. The upstream parapet wall of the dam will be raised by up to 2.5 feet, wing walls will be extended to connect the higher parapet wall to the canyon walls, and six guide piers will be installed in the South Spillway.
Lake Tabeaud Leakage Weir Repair
The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) proposes to repair a leakage weir below the Lake Tabeaud Dam. Approximately 300 feet below the Lake Tabeaud Dam is a leakage boil. PG&E is required by the Division of Safety of Dams and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to monitor the leakage.
East Panther Creek Bank Stabilization
The Pacific Gas and Electric Company proposes to resupport the outer wall of an equipment ramp which provides access to the Tiger Creek Canal. The Tiger Creek Canal provides water from Salt Springs Reservoir to the Tiger Creek Power House as part of the Mokelumne River Hydroelectric Project.
FERC #2310 FORDYCE DAM OUTLET STRUCTURE MODIFICATIONS, DRUM-SPAULDING PROJECT The Pacific Gas and Electric Company proposes to replace the deteriorated portion of the existing concrete structure and the steel trash rack of the low level outlet intake structure at the Fordyce Reservoir Dam. Fordyce Reservoir is located on Fordyce Creek near Donner Summit east of Lake Spaulding in Nevada County. Fordyce Dam impounds approximately 49,900-acre feet of storage. The main function of the dam is to provide storage capacity and regulation of flow for downstream power generation, domestic and irrigation uses. The dam is a 145 feet high rock fill dam with an upstream concrete face. The dam crest is 1,220 feet long and 10 feet wide.
FERC #2409 NORTH FORK STANlSLAUS RIVER HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT, MAINTENANCE FLUSHING AT DIVERSION DAMS NORTH FORK, BEAVER CREEK AND MCKAYS POINT DIVERSION DAMS NCPA proposes to implement a maintenance program to maintain a drainage pathway through the low-level outlets of the North Fork Reservoir, McKays Reservoir, and the Beaver Creek Reservoir. To implement this program, NCPA will flush out accumulated sediments by opening the sluice gates. In accordance with an agreement with the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG), the sluice gates at any facility would only be utilized during periods when the flow past the darn exceeds twice the capacity of the sluice gate. Pursuant to the agreement with DFG, the sluicing operation would only occur for a maximum of 48 hours in anyone year.
Utica Power Authority FERC Project Nos. 2699 and 2019 The Pacific Gas &Electric Company sold its project facilities to two different entities; Utica Power Authority and Northern California Power Agency. Utica Power Authority requested a new 401 certification due to using less water than stated in the original 401 certification.
FERC #2079 FRENCH MEADOWS SPILLWAY MODIFICATION PROJECT The French Meadows Spillway Modification Project is proposed by the Placer County Water Agency to repair, improve, and complete the spillway so it can safely conduct any potential flows to the Middle Fork American River. The French Meadows spillway is located on the right side of L.L. Anderson Dam (Dam). After the reservoir behind the Dam has filled, any excess flows due to storms or floods, are released to the river downstream of the Dam by the spillway. The Dam is 229 feet high, compacted gravel and rock fill-shell dam that impounds the French Meadows Reservoir and that is part of the Middle Fork American River Project, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Project No. 2079.
FERC #11563 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA POWER AGENCY HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT The Northern California Power Agency has applied to operate an existing major hydroelectric power project in Tuolumne, Calaveras, and Alpine Counties.
FERC #1930 KERN RIVER #1 The Kern No. 1 Project is a run-of-the-river type facility. Water is diverted at Kern River No. 1 Diversion Dam (also known as Democrat dam) and intake structures located on the Kern River approximately 10.2 miles upstream of the powerhouse. A water conduit, consisting of a flowline, sandbox, forebay and one penstock, connects the intake at the Kern River No.1 Diversion Dam with the powerhouse. The Kern River No. 1 Diversion Dam is designed to spill all waters released from Lake Isabella, in excess of the 412 cubic feet per second used through the powerhouse.
Utica Hydroelectric Project FERC No. 2019 The Pacific Gas & Electric Company has applied for a new license under the Federal Power Act to operate an existing major hydroelectric power project in Alpine, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties.
McKays Point Dam Addition
The District proposes to install a 300 KW microturbine at the existing McKays Point Dam which is an existing facility of the North Fork Stanislaus Hydroelectric Development Power Project on the North Fork Stanislaus River and tributaries in Alpine, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties.
Collett Reservoir Addition
Develop a storage facility (Collett Reservoir) for peaking purposes to an existing hydroelectric power project on the Pit River (Muck Hydroelectric Project) in Lassen County.
Dynamo Pond Project
Henwood Associates, Inc. has applied to develop a hydroelectric power project at Dynamo Pond on Green Creek in Mono County; and to the United States Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to discharge dredged material in conjunction with construction of the Dynamo Pond project under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (33USC §1344).
FERC #10852 ACE HEREFORD RANCH HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT Ace Ranch Associates has applied to operate an existing small hydroelectric power project in Alpine County.
Tiger Creek Hydroelectric Powerhouse
The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has applied to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) for authorization to repair and replace facilities at Tiger Creek Hydroelectric Powerhouse and Service Center, a project facility of the Mokelumne River Hydroelectric Project. PG&E is seeking authorization from the Corps to perform work in the waterway pursuant to Corps Nationwide Permit N3.