The Regional Board regulates point source discharge of wastewater to land and surface waters of the Region so that the highest quality and beneficial uses of these waters are protected and enhanced. Regulation is by issuance of either NPDES permits which are updated every five years, or Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs). Each Permit contains effluent limitations which ensure the protection of the quality of the receiving waters.

If your activities or discharges from your property or business affect California’s surface waters, you will need to apply for an NPDES Permit. For discharges of wastewater to land, Waste Discharge Requirements will be issued. For specified situations, some Permits may be waived and some discharge activities can be handled through enrollment in an existing general permit.

All discharges, except residential onsite systems, are required to complete a Report of Waste Discharge (Form 200)

Waste Discharge Requirements

Onsite Systems

Below are the Guidelines for residential and commercial systems. Enrollment in a General Order is required.

Oil and Grease Interceptors

Septic Tanks


401 Water Quality Certification


NPDES Permits

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)

Hard copies of these forms may also be obtained at any RWQCB office or can be ordered from the National Center for Environmental Publications and Information or phone 1 800 490-9198.