Recycled Water Program

The Colorado River Basin Region (Regional Water Board) developed this web page to provide information on the State and Regional Water Board recycled water programs. Also, provided are links to the Department of Public Health, Grant and Funding Programs and Wastewater Organizations.

The State Water Board has developed a Statewide General Permit for Landscape Irrigation Uses of Recycle water and the Regional Water Board has a Regional General Order of Discharge of Recycled Water for Golf Course and Landscape Irrigation.

The State and Regional Water Boards are the primary State agencies charged with the protection, coordination, and control of water quality in the State. The State and Regional Water Board issue recycled water permits with coordination of the California Department of Public Health (DPH). DPH has been statutorily directed to establish uniform statewide recycling criteria for various uses of recycled water. If you have a project where recycled water usage is proposed, contact the local DPH recycled water contact and coordinate both with DPH and regional board on permit issuance.

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The purpose of the Recycled Water Policy is to increase the use of recycled water from municipal wastewater sources that meets the definition in Water Code Section 13050(n), in a manner that implements state and federal water quality laws. When used in compliance with the Policy, Title 22, and all applicable state and federal water quality laws, the State Water Board finds that recycled water is safe for the approved uses, and strongly supports recycled water as a safe alternative to potable water for such approved uses.

State Water Resource Control Board Information

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Division of Drinking Water Programs

The State Water Resources Control Board has a new Division of Drinking Water (DDW) that regulates public drinking water systems. DDW consists of three branches: (1) the Northern California Field Operations Branch, (2) the Southern California Field Operations Branch, and (3) the Program Management Branch.  Information on the Field Office Branches and the Program Management Branch which consists of the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program Section, the Data/Toxicology Office and the Technical Operations Section can be found at the following website:

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  • Regional Water Board Contact Information
    Please email Abid Khalaf or phone (760) 674-8142
  • State Water Board Contact Information
    Please email Claire Waggoner or phone (916) 341-5582