SLahontan Region Adopted Orders By Category - 2007


The electronic orders on this web page are exact duplicates of the order that was signed. If you need a signed copy of the order, please contact the Regional Board office at (530) 542-5400.

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Adopted Orders, Resolutions and Waivers in Number Sequence

Enforcement Orders
(A searchable list of enforcement orders adopted by the nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards.)

General Permits

None to date.

Indivudal Permits (by County)


  • Board Order No. R6T-2007-0009
    • Rescission of Cease and Desist Order No. R6T-2006-0034 for Homewood Mountain Resort, Placer County


  • Resolution Np. R6V-2007-0031
    • Approving the Initial Study/Checklist and Adopting a Subsequent Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Revised Central Area In-Situ Remediation Pilot Study Project for Pacific Gas and Electric Company Compressor Station, 35863 Fairview Road, Hinkley, California, San Bernardino County (link to Resolution)
  • Resolution No. R6V-2007-0033
    • Certifying a Mitigated Negative Declaration for Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Desert View Dairy Land Treatment Unit Extraction System Optimization Project, Hinkley, San Bernardino County (link to Resolution)
  • Resolution No. R6V-2007-0025
    • Authorizing the Executive Officer to Sign the Record of Decision for Operable Units 4 and 9, South Air Force Research Laboratory, Edwards Air Force Base, Kern County
  • Resolution No. R6T-2007-0020
    • Certifying a Negative Declaration for a Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for Grazing Operators in the Bridgeport and East Walker River Watersheds
  • Resolution No. R6T-2007-0019
    • Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for Grazing Operations in the East Walker River Watershed (Bridgeport Valley and Tributaries) of the Lahontan Region
  • Resolution No. R6T-2007-0018
    • Adoption of the 2007/2008 Priority List for the Emergency, Abandoned, Recalcitrant (EAR) Account