Nonpoint Source Program (NPS)


The purpose of the Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program (NPS Program) is to restore waters impacted by NPS pollution and protect unimpaired waterbodies. The primary causes of NPS pollution impairment or threat in the Region are from forestry, urban runoff, hydro-modification, abandoned mines, and grazing. Restoration on forested lands and grazing are high priorities in the NPS Program while pollution from urban runoff, hydromodification, timber, fuels management and abandoned mines are primarily addressed through other programs. Federal resources under the 319(h) program allocates 1.9 PY for the NPS work. Staff resources are focused on total maximum daily load (TMDL) implementation priorities.

The Region's NPS Program in part implements the statewide Plan for California's Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program, and is consistent with the statewide Policy for Implementation and Enforcement of the Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program.

The Nonpoint Source Program Fact Sheet provides more information on the Goals, Accomplishments, and Performance Targets.

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  • Please email Mary Fiore-Wagner, Senior Environmental Scientist - Supervisor for the NPS Program.