Underground Storage Tanks (UST)


The UST program protects public health and safety and the environment from releases of petroleum and other hazardous substances from UST systems. The program is administered by the State Water Board and consists of four program elements: leak prevention, cleanup, enforcement, and tank tester licensing. The Region receives approximately 3.0 PYs for FY 14/15 to oversee the cleanup element of the UST program. Approximately 85% of the funding is provided through the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund and the remaining 15% is provided by the federal government.

On July 1, 2014, there were 110 open UST cleanup cases in the region. Due to the maturity of the program, most high threat cases have been addressed and the remaining caseload is made up primarily of legacy cases and is shrinking. Only one case has a domestic well currently impacted above primary drinking water standards; however, six cases are still considered to be potential threats to water supply wells. Free product also remains at approximately 10 sites.

The UST Program Fact Sheet provides more information on the Goals, Accomplishments, and Performance Targets.

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