Cleanup and Abatement Order R6T-2022-(PROPOSED) for Lake Tahoe Laundry Works

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The Lahontan Water Board intends to issue Cleanup and Abatement Order Number R6T-2022-PROPOSED (proposed CAO) within the year. The proposed CAO names Seven Springs Limited Partnership, Fox Capital Management Corporation, Bobby Pages, Inc. and Connolly Development, Inc. as “Dischargers and orders cleanup of discharges of solvent wastes from the former Lake Tahoe Laundry Works (Site). The discharges have resulted in violations of prohibitions contained in the Water Board’s Water Quality Control Plan.

The proposed CAO is being issued to further address the regional perchloroethylene (PCE) groundwater plume originating from the Site. The Lahontan Water Board previously issued Cleanup and Abatement Order R6T-2017-0022 on May 12, 2017, to investigate and cleanup contamination originating from the Site. The proposed CAO now requires the Dischargers to (1) Develop and Submit a Conceptual Site Model, (2) Prepare and Submit a Sampling and Analysis Plan and Quality Assurance Project Plan, (3) Develop, Submit, and Implement Site Investigation Work Plan(s), (4) Develop, Submit, and Implement a Monitoring Well Installation Work Plan, (5) Develop, Submit, and Implement a Vapor Intrusion Investigation Work Plan, (6) Prepare and Submit a Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment (HHERA), (7) Conduct Remedial Action, (8) Prepare and Submit a Public Participation Plan, and (9) Conduct Monitoring. These actions are needed to protect human health and the environment, and existing and potential beneficial uses, including the restoration of the drinking water aquifer for human consumption.

Documents available for public review

A link to Cleanup and Abatement Order R6T-2022-(PROPOSED) is available for a 30-day public review period to allow for public comments.

The Lahontan Water Board will accept written comments on Cleanup and Abatement Order R6T-2022-(PROPOSED) and Request for Comments letter until 5:00 pm on July 18, 2022 August 23, 2022 (revised).

  Comment letters may be submitted electronically, via email, with the subject “Lake Tahoe Laundry Works’ proposed CAO Comments – [name of commenter]” to the following email address:

  To view Cleanup and Abatement Order R6T-2022-(PROPOSED): Cleanup and Abatement Order R6T-2022-(PROPOSED) for 30 day public review.

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