Issuance of Administrative Civil Liability Complaint No. R6T-2023-0027

The California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Lahontan Region (Lahontan Water Board) Prosecution Team issued a complaint for administrative civil liability (Complaint) on Jul 28, 2023, to David Park and Park Livestock Co. (Dischargers). The Complaint alleges that the Dischargers violated provisions of the Water Code and the Clean Water Act when they discharged waste to the West Walker River. The Complaint recommends an administrative civil liability in the amount of three million fifty-three thousand and twenty-six dollars and forty-two cents ($3,053,026.42).

A hearing is scheduled for the October 25-26 Lahontan Water Board meeting and will be governed by hearing procedures issued by the Advisory Team. At the hearing, the Lahontan Water Board will consider evidence regarding the violations alleged in the Complaint. After considering the evidence, the Lahontan Water Board may impose the proposed administrative civil liability, impose a higher or lower amount, or decline to impose any liability.

The hearing will be held at the following date and location:

October 25-26, 2023

Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board
Annex Hearing Room
971 Silver Dollar Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, California 96150
And via Video and Teleconference

The deadline to request revisions to the Draft Hearing Procedure and for Interested Persons to request party status is suspended pending further notice.

Please check this webpage for future developments associated with this matter. For additional information, or to request documents related to this matter including the Complaint, please contact prosecutorial staff Elizabeth van Diepen at (530) 542-5492 or .

You may also visit the Lahontan Water Board meeting calendar for information about board meetings, upcoming public hearings, workshops, information items and other items being considered by the Lahontan Water Board and associated comment periods.