Lake Tahoe TMDL Program

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TMDL Development

Available Documents

Lake Tahoe Total Maximum Daily Load Report (November 2010 - minor adjustments made to October 2010 version consistent with Basin Plan Amendment adopted by Lahontan Water Board on November 16, 2010)

Basin Plan Amendment Process

Basin Plan Amendment and Resolution adopted by the State Water Resources Control on April 19, 2011

Peer Review

TMDL GIS Land-use Layer is available as a zip file for public distribution. This land-use layer was developed for Lake Tahoe TMDL modeling purposes.
Note: see either text or excel file LUCodeKey in the zip file to relate land-use grid codes to land-use names.

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection – Lake Tahoe TMDL Program Page

Outreach and Education

Lake Tahoe Charting the Course to Clarity hosted on Vimeo.

Charting the Course to Clarity 2008-2009