2011 Scientific Peer Review of PG&E's 2007 Groundwater Background Study Report

In response to public comments and Lahontan Water Board direction, PG&E's Groundwater Background Study Report, Hinkley Compressor Station, Hinkley, California (called the 2007 Background Study Report) was submitted for scientific peer review in August 2011. Lahontan Water Board staff transmitted a formal request to the State Water Board in May 2011 to initiate the selection of appropriate reviewers through the California Environmental Protection Agency's scientific peer review program. More information on the Cal/EPA peer review process is available on the State Water Board's Website.

Results of statistical analysis of data subsets from PG&E's 2007 Background Study Report. Supporting materials can be downloaded here:

Information on 2011 Peer Review of PG&E’s 2007 Background Study discussed on March 15, 2012 at the Water Board meeting in Barstow. Supporting materials can be downloaded here:

Peer Review Request for Reviewers, and Approvals

May 19, 2011 Letter of Request for External Scientific Peer Reviewers

Attachment 1. Summary of Contamination History, and Issues
Attachment 2. Focus for Reviewers
Attachment 3. Chronology of Development of Background Study Report
Attachment 4. List of Scientists and Engineers Involved in Studies Related to Hinkley Groundwater Cleanup
Attachment 5. List of Documents to be Made Available to Reviewers

August 15, 2011 Response Letter Identifying Peer Reviewers

Peer Reviewers' Curriculum Vitae

August 15, 2011 Cover Letter to Reviewers Initiating Review

Document to be Peer Reviewed

Peer Reviews

Recommendations in response to the peer review are being prepared by Water Board staff

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