Lahontan Region Adopted Orders By Category - 2005


The electronic orders on this web page are exact duplicates of the order that was signed. If you need a signed copy of the order, please contact the Regional Board office at (530) 542-5400.

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Adopted Orders, Resolutions and Waivers in Number Sequence

Enforcement Orders
(A searchable list of enforcement orders adopted by the nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards.)

General Permits

Recently Adopted Permits

  • Board Order No. R6T-2005-0007 - Updated Waste Discharge Requirements and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit No. Cag616002 for Discharges of Storm Water Runoff Associated with Construction Activity Involving Land Disturbance in the Lake Tahoe Hydrologic Unit
  • Board Order No. R6T-2005-0015 - Updated Industrial Storm Water NPDES and General WDRs for Discharges of Storm Water Runoff associated with Marinas and Maintenance Dredging in the Lake Tahoe Hydrologic Unit - El Dorado and Placer Counties.

Individual Permits (by County)


  • Board Order No. R6T 2005-0005 - Rescission of Waste Discharge Requirements for Susanville Recycling Center, Board Order No. 6-86-90 WDID No. 6A188609000
  • Board Order No. R6T-2005-0004 - Rescission of Waste Discharge Requirements for Albertons, Board Order No. 6-95-010, WDID NO. 6A099412003; Rite-Aid, Board Order No. 6-95-014, WDID NO. 6A099412004; Investment Development Corp., Board Order No. 6-95-11, WDID No. 6A099412005; US Postal Service, Board Order No. 6-95-012, WDID No. 6A099412001; Johnson-Chamberlain Co., Board Order No. 6-95-013, WDID No. 6A099412002; US Bank of California, Board Order No. 6-95-015, WDID No. 6A099412006


  • Resolution No. R6T-2005-0021 - Approval of Amendments to the Water Quality Control Plan for the Lahontan Region to Remove the Municipal and Domestic Supply (Mun) Beneficial Use Designation from Owens Lake, Inyo County, and Approval of an Associated Environmental Document
  • Resolution No.R6T-2005-0019 - Authorizing the Executive Officer to Sign the Final Record of Decision/Remedial Action Plan for Three Sites at the Sierra Army Depot, Herlong, Lassen County
  • Resolution No. R6V-2005-0018 - Conditional Waiver of Water Reclamation Requirements Applying Recycled Water for Dust Control and Compaction During Construction - WDID No. 6B190107017 Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 14, Lancaster Water Reclamation Plant
  • Resolution No. R6T-2005-0014 - Request by Gary Thomas that the Regional Board Require Allied Washoe to Pay for a City Water Connection to the Thomas Property, Lassen County
  • Resolution No. R6T-2005-0012 - Adoption of the 2005/06 Priority List Emergency, Abandoned, Recalcitrant (EAR) Account
  • Resolution No. R6T-2005-0006 - Exemption to a Waste Discharge Prohibition Contained in the Water Quality Control Plan for the Lahontan Region - Finn Bridge Project, North Fork Prosser Creek, Carpenter Valley