Laws and Regulations


The State Water Resources Control Board also maintains compilations of various laws relevant to different areas of the Regional Board's responsibilities. While every effort is made to ensure these compilations are accurate and up-to-date, you should consult the official California Code or the United States Code if in doubt.


    An ex parte communication is a communication to a board member from any person, about a pending matter, that occurs in the absence of other parties and without notice and opportunity for them to respond. The California Government Code prohibits the board members from engaging in ex parte communications during permitting, enforcement, and other "quasi-adjudicatory" matters. Persons interested in these adjudicative matters may not communicate with the board members regarding any issue in the proceeding, without providing an opportunity for all parties to participate in or receive a copy of the communication. Ex parte communications are allowed on pending general orders (such as general waste discharge requirements, general waivers, and general Clean Water Act section 401 water quality certifications) subject to the disclosure requirements of Water Code section 13287 (for further information and disclosure forms, please see below).

  • Ex Parte Communications Questions and Answers [Updated April 25, 2013 to include Question 45 concerning site visits and pending general orders]
  • Ex Parte Communications Disclosure Form for General Orders
  • Pending General Orders Subject to Water Code Section 13287 Ex Parte Disclosure Requirements

Below is a list of matters pending before the Los Angeles Regional Board subject to the disclosure requirements of Water Code section 13287. Other pending orders before the Los Angeles Water Board are subject to the prohibition on ex parte communications.

General Order Scheduled Adoption Meeting 14-Day Ex Parte Prohibition in Effect
Discharges of Groundwater from San Gabriel Valley Groundwater Basin to Surface Waters in Upper San Gabriel River and Rio Hondo Watershed-Los Angeles County; General NPDES Permit No. CAG994006. July 10, 2014 June 26, 2014