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  • Board Meeting Short Form Agenda

  • Basin Planning – 303(d)
  • Basin Planning – Hydromodification Review
  • Basin Planning – Regional Basin Plan Amendments
  • Basin Planning – Salt and Nutrient Management Plans
  • Basin Planning – Wet Weather Task Force
  • Nonpoint Source – General Information
  • Nonpoint Source – Grants and Funding
  • Nonpoint Source – Horse and Livestock Operations
  • Nonpoint Source – Hydromodification
  • Nonpoint Source – Marinas, Boating and Fishing
  • Nonpoint Source – Urban Areas (Septics)
  • Nonpoint Source – Wetlands and Riparian Areas
  • Prohibition – Malibu Civic Center Septics
  • Storm Water – CalTrans
  • Storm Water – CII Permit (Commercial, Industrical, and Institutional)
  • Storm Water – Construction
  • Storm Water – Industrial
  • Storm Water – Industrial General Permit

  • Region 4 SW Regional Phase I MS4 Permit
  • (The three lists below were combined into the
    Region 4 SW Regional Phase I MS4 Permit list)

    • Storm Water – Long Beach MS4
    • Storm Water – Los Angeles County MS4
    • Storm Water – Ventura Co MS4
  • TMDL – Agriculture (Conditional Waiver for Irrigated Lands)
  • TMDL – Ballona Creek Watershed
  • TMDL – Calleguas Creek Watershed
  • TMDL – Catalina Island
  • TMDL – Dominguez Channel & Greater LA/LB Harbors Watershed
  • TMDL – Dominguez Channel & Greater LA/LB Harbors Technical Advisory Committee
  • TMDL – Elizabeth Lake, Munz Lake, and Lake Hughes
  • TMDL – Los Angeles River Watershed
  • TMDL – Los Cerritos Channel & Alamitos Bay Watershed
  • TMDL – Malibu Creek Watershed
  • TMDL – Marina Del Rey Watershed
  • TMDL – McGrath Beach/Lake Watershed
  • TMDL – Miscellaneous Ventura Coastal Watershed
  • TMDL – San Gabriel River Watershed
  • TMDL – Santa Clara River Watershed
  • TMDL – Santa Monica Bay Watershed
  • TMDL – Ventura River Watershed


  • Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission
  • SMBRC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC/MRAC)

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